Types of women to avoid in dating

The 3 Types Of Women To Avoid In Dating

3 Types of women to avoid in India

When you start meeting new women, you will realize that there are different types of women. Lifestyle is getting harder and harder, and some people have horrible childhoods and past relationships. Whenever you meet new girls or women, you always hope for the best, but you have to avoid some categories of women.

Though there are many types, In this article, I am talking specifically about The 3 Types Of Women To Avoid In Dating.

I’m going to explain to you why and I’m also going to be giving you a few signs so that you will be able to tell if these women fall into specific categories.

She Has No Interest In You:

The worst thing in any man’s life is waiting for someone for years later realized that they have no interest in you. Alarmingly, most men behave in this manner. That is the name my website is; lead your love. This one is the biggest. The reason why this is the biggest is a lot of guys talk about this type of girl all the time.

All I can give them is the same advice over and over and over again. Do not waste your time with her and find some with whom you can lead your love.

I’m talking about the girl that you’ve been longing for weeks, months, and maybe even years. But the girl has no interest in you. This is the girl that you think might like you. But she doesn’t show any real signs that she’s interested in you. You think you have a chance with but at the end of the day, and you don’t because again you’ve been trying over and over or you’ve waited too long, and now you’re in the friend zone.

This woman is more toxic in your life than any other woman because she stops you from actually going after any girl who actually has interested in you.

A girl that you’ve never met before who doesn’t have an interest in you, and this can happen in online dating. By the way, if you’ve never met her before and you don’t even know whether she has an interest in you or not, do not sit and start talking to her online without meeting her.

Because, at the end of the day, I don’t want you to be sitting there wasting your time hoping what if she has for a long time. This is the typical Bollywood drama. The hero and heroine wait 5 years for each other, and finally, they meet and live happily together. This is the stupid drama that has been fed in our minds, and the name they give is true love. Do not fall prey to this stupid drama.

So I want to avoid any girl that doesn’t have an interest in you. Live in an abundant mindset knowing that there’s an abundance of women out there that you could be dating that could have an interest in you. So, avoid the ones who do not show any signs of interest in you physically or online and lead your love.

The 3 Types Of Women To Avoid In Dating:-

Types of women to avoid in dating

Drama Queens/ The Complainer:

We have a lot of women out there that tend to complain. But what I am mentioning here about the girls who are complaining non-stop. She is always bothered by something and will find everything and anything to complain about. This is a woman who is surrounded and filled with terrible negative energy and full of pessimism. She has no optimism in her life.

For Instance, she complains about her job, complains about her friend, complains about her family, complains about politics and the state of the world, and maybe she even complains about you.

She will turn the smallest things in your relationship into huge fights and dramas. The irony is that even when things are smooth and peaceful, she will find some drama or find a way to join someone else’s drama party.

These girls feed themselves with drama. Drama makes these girls happy. She will be dragged down with her. Well, this is up to you, my friend, but I am telling you from the experience that this is not someone that you ever want to be with you will get involved. You will be annoyed very fast.

Party Girl :

She is the girl who is always in party mode and is always flirting with a bunch of guys. She is the one who is addicted to alcohol and drugs.  So, here’s the deal this could be very fun for a while; it’s very tempting, it’s actually very seductive.

Party girl

So, here’s the deal; this could be very fun for a while; it’s very tempting. It’s actually very seductive when you meet this type of girl initially. She seems really sweet. Really fun, and you guys have a blast together. As you guys are always going out partying, drinking whatever you’re doing.

But if you start to find out, this is more of a lifestyle for her. And not just something that she likes to do for fun, which is going out and partying. You find out that it’s a lifestyle. This is a girl that you’re going to want to avoid. Unless this is a lifestyle that you enjoy. But I guess most people don’t really like to be partying like this.

These girls use Alcohol or drugs to help them to run away from their reality. They obviously have sex with guys for alcohol or drugs. And live a very unhealthy lifestyle.  You’re dating them. If this is something that’s to say. Something that they’re doing with you for fun or if this is part of their lifestyle

I advise you not to be a part of it. As it becomes their lifestyle, they usually end up in problems with law enforcement agencies. You will be in the trap, and you will feel an urge to help them sort their lives out. Do not try to change them. They do not because it is their lifestyle.

If the girl you are with is not one of these, it is amazing. Because she is interested in you, she doesn’t complain a lot, and she’s not a complete party girl. Then you have found a great girl. Do not miss the opportunity to attract the girl to subscribe to Lead Your Love.

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