Attract girls In India

Today in this article, I am going to teach you “One simple mind trick to attract women in India” you always wanted. I am going to teach you certain personality flavors in you that make the women attracted to you almost in any situation.

I call this technique a mind game. Because it is the mindset, you are going to use to attract the women. The good part of this technique is you project a part of your personality without being manipulating and you can use it at any time. You are congruent with your personality and you are not saying things for the sake of saying. So this technique will make women attracted you and hooked on you.

Maybe you are beginning in the game, you are meeting the girl the first time, you are approaching her for the first time, or you have to talk to her for a long time. Whatever it may be, you can use this technique on the girls who are friend-zoned you.

One simple mind trick to attract women in India:

Deviate From The Social Rules Of Niceness: The big problem with most guys is they agree with women for the sake of agreeing without giving their point of view. They agree with whatever she does and whatever she says.  They actually hope by doing this the women will like them. However, the worst part is it actually makes them boring.

So, deviate from the rules of niceness and “be playful”. Therefore, here is the simple mind trick to attract women that are going to help you to do exactly that. The next time, when you are interacting with a woman, what I want you to do is try to disagree with whatever she says and does.

For instance, she says that she is an engineer.

You say, No, You are not.

She says that she likes jogging and would like to go to a park

You say, No, you do not jog.

She might say that she is good at cooking

You say, No, you are not.

She says that she is from Mumbai,

You say, No, you are not from Mumbai.

Remember, delivery is important than actual words, you use. When you are disagreeing with her, look straight into the eyes with cheeky a smile on your face.

It Is The Deal:

Most men agree

Most men agree with whatever she says and does and hope that it will make her perceive them as nice men. However, in the reality, the women at unconscious level see those men as manipulate.  Practically speaking, you do not always think that whatever she says and everything she does is interesting. You do not actually agree with her. Hence, by using this technique, you stand out that from that crowd and appear as one in 1 million men.

The key is to being playful having fun and enjoying every moment with her rather than agreeing with her to appear as nice guy. Get this part handled correctly. You will have so much fun and she is one who is going to chase you.

When you are not going to agree with her with whatever she says and trying to put your disagreement in those situations. She will feel curiosity in her mind why you are disagreeing. Try to fill that gap by understanding why you are doing that. If you are being unpredictable, she will get attracted you and start to chase you

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