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What Our Students Are Saying:

Actually, I am a person, who read books habitually. And I like reading love concept-based books so much. I read so many books. Recently I visited this website and I am very much impressed by this info. I bought the Lead Your Love – Get a Girlfriend in 3 Simple Steps Course. I followed it completely. The concepts which have been taught in this course are very interesting. And I am pleased to have completed this course. Thank you.

Raj Sekhar

This is the absolute best course on how to attract women easily and well. The insights found in this course will let you create the kind of attention from women that you’ve always been looking for and that without being a jerk or a manipulative. Sam makes you give up what you learn from mainstream advice. If you want to attract women this is the course you must complete.

Manish Kumar

Actually, I am not a good-looking guy, so I thought, most girls love only handsome and rich men, I did not try to approach any girl. One day I found one article on this website, and I read it. After that, I have been visiting the website regularly. I found a lot of content related to how to attract beautiful women is very helpful for Indian men. Hence, I bought the Lead Your Love – Get a Girlfriend Course! believe me, this is the only course you ever need to succeed with beautiful women, I am very impressed. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful course, Sam!

Madhu Sudan

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Love Coach Sam?

From a Love Failure Guy to Love Coach:
Like each of you, I am an ordinary guy who is considerably good-looking and had decent success in my career. In spite, I was unable to attract the girl of my dreams.

The most frustrating thing for me was a few of the girls I had liked chose useless idiots.

I was pretty career-focused in my college days. Hence, I was not keen on this love & dating thing except my career.

My love frustrations started after I got become core & core successful in my career. No gave a damn fuck about my job, status, looks—all the bullshit, which I had believed in my college days, every Indian guy does.

You see, I am a determined guy. Once I decide on anything, I give my 100% effort. I never quit.

After going through a few rejections, one fine day, I had seen this beautiful girl with whom I fell in love instantly. Our initial conversations went well, and she used to give me proper respect because of my career.

After I expressed my feelings, she started to ignore me. I pursued her for two fucking years, hoping that she accept my love.

The more I persist, I only realized she lost all respect for me.

You know what! I want the answers to why she did not like me.

My journey into female psychology, love, dating, pickup began. That incident led me from a love failure guy to an Indian Love Coach, who is helping thousands of men to succeed with girls.

How does your love coaching will help single guys?

The number limiting belief guys has about girls is they think love will happen automatically like movie scenes. They, live in the fantasies of their dream girls but do not take action. Of course! I had been there.

The DNA of my Coaching & my Brand is to Lead Your Love.

I have developed a simple 3 step framework to get a girlfriend and attract girls with minimal effort. I had done all the hard work. You just have to do what I teach in my programs, you will get incredible results.

How can I believe that you can help me?

Well! Genuine concern! I had been there. These days you find dating advice everywhere and by everyone. Everyone claims that they are experts. I completely understand your concern.

You see, I had told you I was a pretty successful guy in my career. I am called an expert in my professional and many look up to me. I am someone who always strived for excellence in whatever I do.

I believe…in the end, the results speak for itself.

It is easy to say I am an expert but difficult to stand by that.

It is easy to put a blog post or two, a video or two. But difficult to write a book.

By the way, I am a published author. Check out my Lead Your Love book.

Check my articles on this blog, and watch my videos on YouTube and decide for yourself.

How does love coaching help me?

If you just want to celebrate your manhood and want to have short term dating experiences with more girls, or want to learn how to get a girlfriend. Love Coach Sam gives all the tools, techniques and methods that will make successful with girls you always wanted.

Why do I need love coaching?

Single guys in India have no clue how to attract girls. They do all wrong things with girls that they learned from movie stars or friends, which actually make them fail with their girl. So Love Coach or Dating Coach will help you to do the right things so that you will attract the girls you have always wanted the right way..

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