7 easy and effective steps to level up your Friendship and turn it into Relationship.

They say a girl and a boy can never be just friends! Well, they aren’t always right but they are not wrong either.

Yes, there are always high chances that friendships do turn into relationships and that is why you would have noticed that the majority of relationships start with friendships or say a majority of friendships end up with relationships.

Friendships turned into Relationships are always special. You already know the person more than anyone and you don’t have to start it all over again to get to know your partner.

There is lots of fun, mischief, pure bond, and understanding when two people who are friends take their friendship to another level. You don’t have to be shy from them, you don’ have to start it from the scratch, you always know what they like and what they don’t. You even know how to fix something when it goes wrong which is the most important aspect to have in a relationship; how to fix things, which you get for free if you ask your friend out.

But sometimes, people deliberately try to be someone’s friend just because they want to come into a relationship with them, and thinking that the theory of friendships to relationships always works, they end up screwing everything.

Well, it definitely will not work out if you just rush into things or do it all in the wrong way.

So what is the right way then?

Well for starters, you should first know what does friendship and relationship mean and how you have to respect that if you’re in either of them?

Friendship is that beautiful bond between people, which makes you realize that you’re not alone, no matter in whatever mode you are in you’ve someone who will be with you to share all your emotions.s be it good or bad.

And relationships go the same way. You have to be just true to your friend or your partner when you are in either of them to make it work.

But sometimes, when you like some girl deeply and want to be with her at any cost, then there’s no way better than friendship to enter in her life.

But before going there, you have to be sure that you can carry out; be it friendship or relationship, both in a decent way and you won’t break her heart deliberately. Because once that’s done, you will lose both of your bonds with her forever.

If you’re sure here, you can move ahead and start your journey with her initiating the hand of friendship.

How to proceed and what to keep in mind:

#1 Be her friend and try to know her: Start as normal friends do. Interact with her, talk to her, and know her. Make her feel comfortable around you. Let her know that you can be an amazing friend with whom she can express, share space and time without worrying about anything.

#2 Don’t rush into expressing your feeling: You have to be true to her as friends. Never try to think that you are only friends with her just because you want to come into a relationship with her.

If you rush, you might end up screwing everything so avoid that. Try it slow and steady, and you’ll end up winning the race.

#3 Build your trust: Building trust is everything. Forget about the relationship, you can’t even be her friend if she won’t trust you. So you have to win her trust.

Try to be someone, with whom she gets good vibes, with whom she feels amazing, with whom she loses track of time, and to whom she calls first if she gets into some trouble.

And once this all starts happening, it won’t be much longer for you to ask her out, but again, don’t rush into anything.

#4 Hype her up for everything she does: Girls love people who boost up their confidence, and who hype them up. Compliments are the best way to do that.

Compliment her for everything she does, tell her she looks pretty and how beautiful she is inside-out. Tell her how worthy she is and how lucky you are to have a friend like her.

Boost up her confidence and her attitude and she’ll never leave your side.

#5 Subtly flirt with her: As time passes by, and now you know that she trusts you, you can start to flirt with her little by little or subtly.

However, friends do flirt, there’s nothing wrong with that just don’t try to take it too far. Be funny and flirt. It will spice up your bond and will make it more fun.

#6 Be there with her, not only on good days but also on bad ones: Just like every other good friend, be with her when she’s having any bad days.

Don’t leave her alone that time. Keep communicating with her.

Keep letting her know that you’re there with her in all her ups and downs no matter how bad or good things can go, you’ll never leave her side.

#7 Tell her that you like her only when you think it’s time: There is this point in friendship when you automatically know that now you can ask her out.

That will be the point when you both understand each other deeply when you both know each other closely when there’s no awkwardness between you two regarding anything.

At that point in time, you might see each other as best friends, and maybe when you talk about taking your friendship to next level, you both will be worried about what will happen if it won’t work out.

That will be the time when these instincts kick you, you’ll know that you can ask her out now. And the moment when she’ll say that she’s too scared to lose her friendship with you, you will make her sure that you can never break her heart because your destination with her, has no end.


And this is how you can turn your one beautiful bond of friendship into another beautiful bond called a relationship.

But always remember that you give a great thought while taking this step because if once something goes wrong with the relationship, it actually becomes really hard to sustain the friendship too. And damn, that hurts!

But you need not worry if you’re just sure enough!

So believe in yourself and take the step

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