Best Places to meet girls

As we become older and get out of college. The possible ways to meet women start to decrease and we have a hard time meeting women. Yes, we can meet some women at work, but unfortunately, most of them are not single, many times. I am going to tell you what are the best places to meet women.

So, where do we go to meet single, beautiful women? Over the several years of on field research, I have figured out some of the best places that surely work for you to meet the women you desire.

The best places to meet single women are where women least expect predatory men to be. In my opinion, there are two types of places available to women depending on the likeliness of meeting her. They are FEP and SEP.

In FEP, you can meet the same women repeatedly. So, I call these as the Frequent Encounter Places/FEP and without a doubt, these are the best places to meet women. Examples include Dance Classes, Meetup events, Volunteering, Acting classes etc., and these are really the best places if your goal is to get a girlfriend fast.

The second one is SEP. In SEP, you meet the woman once and the probability of meeting her again would be very rare or not possible. Therefore, I call these as the Single Encounter Places/SEP’s. Examples include Museums, Art walks, Coffee shops, Malls, and Grocery stores etc.,

So, If you want a girlfriend fast, I recommend choosing at least two FEP’s and two SEP’s to visit regularly.

Dance classes

Best Places to meet girls - Lead Your Love

Dance classes are one of the best places and one of the most overlooked places for finding single beautiful women. Women like dancing, most beautiful women are not an exception to this. If you want to see with your eyes, check out some popular dance classes like Salsa, Zumba, Western and Classic styles etc., in your city. Your chances of interacting with women are more frequent here.

Dance classes are not just great places for you to find and meet single beautiful women; also good places where physical interaction is required! The environment is so warm and it forces both of you to interact physically with each other.

Salsa class should be your first choice among all. If a woman shows up there without a boyfriend or husband it is a sure sign that she is looking to meet someone, it is a fun, social environment, and you cannot practice dance without a partner.

In all styles of dance classes, you will find many single women looking to meet new people. Most important of all, we men do not show much interest like women in dance classes hence chances are that you will be one of the very few men in attendance. Therefore, you have an advantage over the number of women you can interact.

In addition, you will dance in pairs with different women. That means you will get great opportunities to get to know each woman a bit more. If you can create bit chemistry with one of your partners, it is very natural to invite her to hang out with you over a weekend.

So go to the popular dance class, find yourself a dance partner.  The dance classes not only help you in learning some new moves and but also makes you in staying fit and smart too. groups

If you have not been to before, kindly do yourself a favor and check it out. Whatever your interest may be, for example, if you are into art, or music, or skiing, or trekking, or traveling, you can quickly find a place where your types of other enthusiasts are gathered.

The advantage here is you already share a mutual interest with these women. This is a great site and you can use this to find groups of meeting in your area and meeting up to discuss passions.

You will find just about any interest you have and a group of people meeting up over it. You will be sure to find something you are interested in. And there are many opportunities to attend events of almost every type.

In addition to your interest. I also recommend you to consider going to the groups where women are more in numbers. The tradition of these groups as such, everyone will introduce themselves at the beginning of an event and so you have a great opportunity to socialize and meet women while you enjoy doing something you like.

The beauty here is you can meet the same women repeatedly. You can have fun conversations occasionally, and then walk away and you will be sure to see her again later.

Community service or Volunteering causes

Meeting girls at park

All people in community service or volunteering want to save the world in some of the other ways and that is hot. Even the most skeptical type of women will likely find a man who cares about saving the world as sexy. It creates wow factor to a woman when a man can show both his masculine and his caring side.

Therefore, doing community service or volunteering causes is a great way to meet women while helping those in need. You can volunteer to walk a dog at the local shelter, protest with a human rights group, build homes for the underprivileged, or clean up a local park.

The odds will be in your favor since you are all working together as a group, you will have tons of opportunities to get to know and have all sorts of ways of interacting with others. You will have many common topics to talk about because you are doing a job.

There also all sorts of fun ways to volunteer, from coaching kid’s sports teams to teach at schools. It does not just to be boring way, try it. This is also a great environment to connect authentically with women and projecting your personality rightly.

In addition, it is also the best place to meet single women as they least expect predatory men to be in these places, as a result, most likely her guard will be down. The good thing about meeting women in a community event is that it is highly likely she will be living in the same community.

Acting classes

Acting classes are one of the best and most overlooked places to meet women. You really need to try this if you had never taken an acting or comedy class. It is an environment you will have fun interactions with other people.

You required playing various roles in the skit and you need to develop various characters in the play with co-stars. Literally, have to flirt and joke with all the women there. You will get chances to interact with models as well and see with whom you can build chemistry naturally.

Adult Social Sports or Adventure Trips


These sorts of leagues are gaining in popularity. And more men and women are looking for things to do with their free time. Adult sporting leagues are not only fun to play but also good to meet fun girls.

A woman who joins a sports team is more likely to be fun and outgoing. As I mentioned before, allows people to pursue all kinds of interests to connect and explore their mutual activities together. It is also obvious to know each member of a team very quickly and doing a common activity together will bring two of you closer and allow you to bond quickly.

As a result, it will be easy when you make your move. The great thing is these sports not only keep you fit & active but also keep you in shape and get the same type of women.

Check out any of the following interests you have.







Mountain Climbing


And much more…

Fitness classes

Adult Social Sports

If you are the type of man who loves getting into shape and staying fit, then fitness classes are right for you. Think about taking a fitness class like yoga or kickboxing. Since everyone is doing exactly the same workout, it makes it a lot more comfortable to socialize. In addition, it is easy to come up with something to say after a workout.

Therefore, this is a natural opportunity to get to know women over time without pressure. Be sure of becoming a regular and going to the gym at the same time every day. You can also join a Gym but priority should be given to the class in which the numbers and likeliness of interaction are more.

Organized Trips

It is a great idea to get involved in an organized trip for a hobby you enjoy. For example, hiking, scuba diving, mountain climbing, etc. You will find the women you already have a common interest, it certainly starts things in the right direction. In addition, you both are doing the activity you enjoy, so you can project personality best to her.


best places to meet girls - Lead Your Love

Pubs are typically the setting for single men and women to meet each other. And one of the most common ways of meeting. Therefore, find out a few popular clubs in your city and start visiting them. Have some fun socializing with people in the real world and get a better chance of meeting women.

Two things to remember when in Pub, as it is the most popular setting for men and women you might a lot of competition from other men. However, do not let that stop you. Another thing is to make sure that you drink very moderately and behave coolly.