Best ways to have a healthy relationship and how to maintain it

There’s a relationship, then there’s a healthy relationship. Yes, the two have a big fat difference and with those differences comes the efficiency of the journey too. 

You can maybe impress a girl easily but, does it matter if it didn’t last much? 

You say you love her but does it matter if you don’t put the right efforts to sustain that love? 

Nothing matters if all your efforts and priorities come to an end once you get into a relationship with her. 

And that’s why a healthy relationship is much-much needed. 

Also to have a healthy relationship and to maintain it, you don’t have to do a whole lot of new things or it’s not like climbing a mountain.  

It’s just some things that are very basic but you forget to follow that because all that matter for you was maybe to just come into a relationship. 

You see my friend, it’s there where thing starts to go wrong. It’s there from where the ruined party gets started. Because coming into a relationship is just the beginning of something really cool, fun, exciting, and worth experiencing. There’s more to it, which you can only experience in a healthy relationship 

What is a healthy relationship? 

A healthy relationship is the one where the two committed people are true to each other and there’s confidence and purity in their relationship. 

The fear of getting heartbroken or shattered does not hit these couples because they know, they’ll work it out and if they won’t be able to, there’s never a blame game routine in their breakups. 

Healthy relationships are maintained by mature people. The ones where both of them understand or try to understand each other. Where efforts are put to save themselves from those small-small fights or disagreements which can create a big mess in the future if ignored. 

These relationships are the ones where she understands if he’s too busy and he understands if she’s not in a mood. Where they value each other’s personal space. Where there’s not much chaos. Where there’s respect, love, and care for each other which results in the longevity of the relationship. 

So, who does not want a healthy relationship? 

Everyone does. But only few take it seriously and make it work. 

Now as I said earlier, a healthy relationship is not like climbing a mountain, there are just minimal and few things that need to be taken care of. 

Let’s see what those are: 

#No Lies: Lies are the foundation of the cracks that turn out to be disastrous when getting severe. In a relationship, you have to make sure that you never lie to her and need to expect the same from her. 

Staying true to each other solves a lot and a lot of things. 

No relationship has ever worked if it’s tried to carry on with lies. 

And if you ever lie too, then make sure that you confront it in front of her as soon as possible because lies are bad news. 

#Trust:  Trust is something that every relationship demands. Either it’s a new or a stable relationship, the moment you lose trust, things will start to get worse. 

If you’re committed to someone, it’s your primary duty to trust your partner in every small to big thing. 

Trust makes their bond strong and allows them to come closer to each other. 

Mostly it’s assumed that this trust factor is only considered while you’re looking for a girl and when you’re getting to know her at the beginning of the dating period. But no, that’s completely untrue. 

Remember, trust can never be faked and hence it’s necessary to maintain it from start to end. 

#Communicate: Sometimes, what happens is once you go a little longer in relationship, you may start communicating with each other a little less as days passes which builds in a communication gap resulting in breakups which could be sorted easily if you wouldn’t have stopped talking to each other. 

So you see, communication plays a great role. 

It’s not just about when the relationship starts to get old. It also happens in brand new relationships.  

There what happens is, sometimes if you don’t like something of your partner, you chose to ignore it as it might hurt her or vice versa is also possible.  

So when people don’t discuss or tell things to their partner, there generates a communication gap which leads to confusion, misunderstandings, fights, and arguments, and eventually breakups. 

And therefore, keep communicating and sorting out things from time to time. 

#Motivation and Growth: A relationship is not only about love and intimacy. It’s about sharing yourself, your hopes and dreams, your happiness and sadness, your ups and downs, and almost everything with some other person. 

Because you trust them and they trust you. And when somebody trusts you, it’s somewhat your responsibility to live up to that trust. 

A relationship is about growing together. And in order to grow, the two committed people got to motivate each other.  

It should be like, if you fall, I’ll be there for you and if I fall; I know you’ll be there for me.  

And the couples which grow together have a high chance to grow old together. 

#Freedom: Another factor of a healthy relationship is freedom. Freedom as in Never control your partners.  

The controlling nature is always toxic in a relationship. It ruins everything. 

If you’ll have trust in your partner, there’ll definitely be freedom. 

In simple words, freedom here means, that when you’re in a relationship, you need to always keep in mind that there’s nothing called a dominating one between you two in your relationship.  

As you may have heard that people often ask, ‘so who’s the dominating one in your relationship?’ Make sure that your answer should always be ‘No one’ and that you both are equals. 

That is freedom. 

You can be a protective partner but you should never be a controlling partner, remember that. 

To Conclude: 

You can never sustain a relationship if it’s not healthy, that is it doesn’t have these factors. 

A healthy relationship always lives longer and the experience of it is lively. 

Even if there’s a break up after having a healthy relationship, there are mostly no grudges taking place in them against each other while leaving because they know that what they had was precious but was limited. And it’s okay to let them go. 

A healthy relationship makes you grow both physically and emotionally. So if you get into a relationship, make sure it’s not just a time pass unless the other person wants the same thing too. 

 So make your relationship healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

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