7 most perfect ways to build Trust in a relationship.

If you’ll ask anyone, “What are the three main things according to you that are most important in a relationship?” You’ll get ‘trust’ as one of them from majority of people because almost everyone knows that relationships don’t work without trust. 

Trust is what you call the building block of any relationship. 

You can begin a relationship without trusting each other and that’s completely normal. But you can’t stay in that relationship for long if you don’t build trust along the way. 

Why building trust is necessary? 

When two people are in a relationship, that means they are connected to each other. And, what are they connected with? What are those factors which differentiate their bond from normal friendship? 

That connection is of feelings, the emotional attachment, and the attraction which later either turns into love or heartbreak.  

And your quality of ‘trust’ decides whether it’ll turn into love or heartbreak. 

So, you see, trust plays a great role in any relationship. 

To understand it more in a realistic way, let’s take an example. 

Suppose you’re in a relationship where you’re way too much attracted to your partner both physically and emotionally and you’re kind of being too possessive and insecure about her lately. 

You’ve started to have doubts as she might cheat on you or she doesn’t feel about you that way or she will leave you for someone else. This is the point where everything will go wrong because you don’t trust your partner at all. 

And it’s not just you, if your girl would have done the same thing, would you be able to bear that? 

Well, no one can. When you trust someone, you expect the same from the other person and if you don’t get that, you’ll obviously be crushed and it will affect the relationship definitely. 

Trying to fix the relationship will work only if both the committed person gives their best and not only one of them is just trying. 

And when you talk about trust, well until both of you trust each other, things won’t be normal and the relationship cannot be fixed by the effort of just one. So let’s check it out now that how you need to build trust in the relationship. 

How to? 

#1 Stay Loyal: Trust builds on Loyalty in any relationship. If you’re loyal enough, you are giving your partner all the reasons to trust you. 

Loyalty doesn’t only mean to be loyal to them sexually but also emotionally. If you’re sexually loyal to your partner but are hitting on every other woman you meet, then you are not loyal to them. 

#2 Giving space is important: Giving space to your partner and treating them with kindness is very necessary. 

Being a boyfriend or a girlfriend doesn’t give you the liberty to enter into your partner’s personal space. 

Giving space means letting your partner have their private time.  

You don’t have to force her to tell you everything. Let her know that she can make her own decisions and it’s not necessary that she has to discuss it with you if she doesn’t feel to. Make her realize that she is smart enough to decide what’s right and what’s wrong for her and that she doesn’t have to depend on anyone.  

Be kind to your partner and don’t make her feel that she’s in some sort of jail or somewhere where she isn’t feeling comfortable.  

And to tell her that, you have to give her space and let her make her own decisions. 

#3 Make your priorities right:  Know your priorities. If you’re in a relationship, make sure that you’re not making it less of a priority than any other relationship. 

Know that, with you, there’s another person involved in that bond, and you’re not ready enough to date someone if you can’t take your time for them. 

So, set your priorities and let your partner know that you’re worthy enough to be with them because you aren’t compromising your relationship for any other schedule of yours and you can manage everything at the same pace without affecting anything because of one another. 

#4 Be Predictable: To make things work in a relationship, you need to predictable. And Predictability builds trust. 

You can’t do a lot or mix a lot of things together and think that everything will work. No, it doesn’t go that way. 

You might end up screwing your relationship because you thought that you can manage a lot of things together. Therefore, keep your routine up and be predictable. 

#5 Mean it when you say it: Whatever you say to your partner, always mean it. 

Don’t make promises in a relationship, which you can’t keep. You will end up hurting her and no matter how hard you try then, some things can never be undone. 

If you say or make any promise to your partner, make sure that you give your best to fulfill it or else don’t make it in the first place and if maybe you’ve almost made it but at the last second something happens, then it’s your responsibility to take some time and just tell her what happened.  

#6 Share whatever you feel, just never lie: In any relationship, if you want to build trust, you have to be open to your partner and let the floor open for them too to speak.  

Communication is the biggest weapon and it can heal everything, so all you need to do is communicate.  

Sometimes this happens that if you’ll lie, you’ll cover up with other lies and then another and then another and it will go on leaving you with nothing but heartbreak because relationships build or carried on with lies never and ever sustains. 

No matter how hard the truth is but if you tell it to your partner in the right way and at the right time you can easily come up with a solution to that mutually. 

But if you lie instead of that, it will only create issues no matter if your partner even forgives you for that but you will lose her trust forever. 

And trust once gone and never be gained back. It just leaves the whole in the heart which can never be filled completely no matter how hard you try. 

#7 It’s Ok to say No: To build trust in a relationship and to make it work, it is not necessary that you have to agree with everything your partner says or demands. 

It’s completely fine to say No and to have opinions. Never ever be in a relationship where you can’t speak your heart out. 

Communication is done in that way only and if you can’t communicate in your relationship properly and can’t share views or can’t say no, believe me, it’s better to get out of it because that’s not the one for you! 

To Conclude 

Build Trust in your relationship because trust is everything. 

If you can’t trust your partner or your partner can’t trust you, there’s no reason to stay in that relationship at all because it will just have fights and all the negativity and well, your relationship should be the last thing to hurt you! 

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