Most Interesting ways to get her Phone Number easily

So you’re maybe chatting to this girl on Social Media and are feeling a little shy or under-confident to ask her phone number? 

Or you’ve maybe seen this girl and you’re now attracted to her. You want to carry on the conversation but you don’t have her phone number. You are not even sure whether she’ll share it with you or not? 

Been there, and got out of that very easily. 

How? Keep Reading and I will tell you all the secrets attached to it:) 

Is it easy and what’s the right time to ask for her phone number? 

It depends on your relationship with that girl and how strong is the bond between you two. 

If you’ve been texting for quite a time now, then it won’t be tough to ask her number and you automatically may have got the idea of how and when to do that. 

But if you’re a stranger or it’s not been long since you two have been talking then it could be a little tricky. But there are ways which can get you her number easily. 

Now to ask the phone number of a girl who doesn’t know you and whom you’re attracted to or is your crush is not an easy jobBecause in that case, you don’t want to be get denied. 

So you need to know what are the right ways to ask her so that you can continue the conversation. 

Let’s find out: 

#1 Direct Style: As the name suggests, it’s go-and-ask-her-directly method. And in most cases, it works. 

All you need to do is ask her in a way so that she does not get a chance to say no. 

For example, You can be like, Hey, listen it’s urgent right now and I have to leave but can I have your number since it was so nice talking to you and I would like to be in touch with you so that we can catch up later? 

All this style need is Confidence. You have to look classy and confident while asking her directly and avoid being shy and confused. 

Look into her eyes with a sweet smile on your face when you ask her so that she must be in no position to say No. 

Try it out! Not every girl will fall for it but some definitely will;) 

#2 Lead StyleDon’t ask her, lead her so that she gives you her phone number voluntarily. 

How? It’s simple 

Confidence is all it takes. Make her know that you are worth talking to. Actually, you’re valuable.  

Leading is showing that you have power and authority. You’re no less than any man she’s been dreaming of. 

So when you approach her, make assertive statements. That way your authority will be balanced appropriately and you can lead her very well. 

To make assertive statements, show yourself as a highprofile man, someone who has good social life and is respected in society. 

She will not only give you her number but will initiate the conversation too.  

For example, you can go like, Hey, I have an extra ticket for this event or sport (or something). You wanna come? It’s too grand and going to be really exciting. Give me your number and I’ll send you the details. 

She won’t be able to say no in this case and will definitely share her number. 

In this way, you didn’t plead with her or requested her badly. You maintained your dignity and with confidence offered her something huge which reflected your social strata too.  

In most cases, women want just the man like this who can lead everything with confidence and superiority. They feel safe and loved there. 

So start to Lead. 

#3 Silent StyleThis is a clever style to get her number. All you need to have is again confidence and full control of your body language. 

The silent treatment is like you’re showing that you have something really important to attend and hence you gotta leave but you want to talk to her too so you confidently ask for her to save her number on your phone. 

You can go like, Hey, listen this is urgent Let’s catch up tomorrow. Here Save your number.’ 

Or, if you’re texting her on social media, you can go like, Hey, listen I’m not going to be available on social media for a while now, so maybe we can chat on Whatsapp 

If she likes to talk to you she’ll give her number without any second thought. Otherwise too, she will at least consider sharing it once you’ll ask her. 

#4 Storytelling Suspense Style: Women love stories. Storytelling is an art that can make you popular among women. All you need to do is to understand the art, know how to articulate and present the story in front of anyone with confidence, and after some practice, you’ll be the one.  

All the successful men out there are great storytellers and their key secret of attracting beautiful women is to fascinate them with their words. 

They articulate their words in such a way that connects them with their audience on an emotional level and mesmerize them with the intensity of the emotion such that it feels real and credible. 

Confidence, while you tell a story plays an important role here but once you get an idea of this art, you can get more than a phone number from her. 

And to get a phone number, all you need to do is listen to her carefully and take a topic from her conversation only and make a story out of it. 

You can be like, Hey, with this got a super funny and interesting story on my mind. So what happened was, one day…. And you can continue playing with words and articulation. 

Make sure that your story must be engaging and it should be humorous if you said so. While you narrate it, narrate it with confidence. If you won’t show any interest while telling it to her, why would she mind listening? So, develop her interest as much and as fast as you can. 

Keep looking into her eyes from time to time while you narrate so that it will develop credibility to what you’re saying and you will know if she starts losing interest. 

Now while you’re telling her the story, keep in mind that you have to save the climax and make full use of it. 

You see that’s the opportunity. 

You don’t have to disclose the climax. Instead, when you reach close to the climax, you have to pretend as if you gotta go now as something urgent came up.  

You have to keep the story that interesting so that she craves to know the ending, and then you have to say, “You know what, give me your phone number so that you don’t have to wait for our next meeting to know what happened next. I’ll ping you once I’ll get free and will tell the climax that you’ll be shocked to hear.”   

This style of suspense creation will keep the urge of knowing the full story, alive in her and it will remind her everything about you when she’ll think of it. 

So you see, you get more than what you expected from this artistic method. 

#5 Email StyleThis style is the safest and comparatively easiest style than all the above ones. It’s just a little tricky but that too is not a big deal. 

Emails nowadays are something which is very professional and anyone you’ll ask will have a personal email id that no one denies to share. 

Once you can get a ‘no’ for a phone number but not for an email because emails are always seen as the reputed and sensible form of sending only formal messages. 

Now how to ask for a phone number through email? 


Again what you need to do is talk to the girl and engage with her with interest so that she gives a good response of that and when you start feeling that now she’s actually liking talking to you and she won’t lose interest easily, for the time being, pretend you are in a hurry and have to leave. 

You can go like, “Hey, I’m so sorry to cut you off but guess I have to leave right now. A little too urgent but you know what, can I have your email? She’ll be surprised to know because no one asks for the girl’s email and she won’t deny to give it. 

Now in the majority of cases, the girl will automatically ask why email and not phone number to which you can say, emails are just my style, they give me feels. I speak to important people only through email. But you know what, add your phone number too so that I can ping you when I’ll send a new mail;)  

And if she doesn’t ask why email on her own, then you only could tell her to continue with asking for the phone number. 

In both cases, you will get the phone number as her subconscious already makes a positive image of you when you ask for the email that it doesn’t get much time to think when you tell her to add phone number too. 

#6 Invite StyleYou make use of this style when you know that the talking, the way you’re approaching her is not working. 

So maybe it’ll be hard to get her phone number like this. Instead what you can do is invite her on a date. You have to be very subtle and you can go like, “Hey, this place’s coffee’s too good? What do say, today? 8 pm?”  

High chances, she’ll say yes. And if she doesn’t say yes, use any of the above methods after this. You can then ask for her phone number to send her the location or anything that you can think of to say. 

And this way, not only you’ll get her phone number, but will also get a date with her. 

To Conclude: 

These are the most effective styles or methods to get her phone number to take the conversation to another level, that you need to believe me 

You won’t regret using these, and one of them will definitely work. You can use any. 

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