Over the decades, we men lost touch with our essence and forgot how to be just men that attract women and approaching beautiful women.  There are many reasons for this, but I will explain the top three main reasons.

Steps to follow approaching beautiful women

1. Societal Influence:

Societal influence makes men behave more way that is boyish and nice. People behave more nicely with others when they pursue the things they want. If being nice to people is not your natural character and you behave nicely with a woman, she can sense what you want from her sub-consciously. Societal influence makes men behave more boyish and nice needy way. This behavior also develops uncertainty in your behavior that doubts you are not good looking enough, not have enough height, not have a posh car, not have enough income, and so on.

2. Wrong References Groups:

Unfortunately, most of us, men, do not have correct reference groups during our adolescence. If you do not have the right reference group beyond your little circle, you will not experience new things. If at all, you have some reference group that has must have given you wrong guidance. So, most of us, men, do not have a real sense of identity as how to behave with the women that cause attraction.

3. Idealism:

If you are a victim of idealism, you only see that the physical appearance of a beautiful woman imagines as a perfect angel, and perceives that you like her inside attributes are accurate as per your idealistic woman. Things will change after you understand more about her, and eventually, your feelings will drop. Her physical beauty will slowly become average for you. When you understand what she is, you will go through the hardship and frustration. The truth is your approach is idealistic, not realistic. When you idealize something, it will also set up expectations high, which automatically causes you anxiety.

How To Overcome The Fear?

Before you even go and approach the woman, you must understand which of the above limiting beliefs are preventing you from approaching women.

Approaching a beautiful woman is as simple as that you have to feel confident enough to walk up to the woman and start a conversation and getting good results.  If you do not feel confident to walk up to the woman, of course, you will not walk up to her and start a conversation, and if it all you do, you do not get the results you want. As a result, you are going to avoid situations where you will meet the woman you desire.

The cool thing is you are naturally confident, and you have to unlearn the things you learn during your adolescence. Learn the things that help you grow into a mature masculine man and stop doing the things that do not work. Women are looking for men who appear masculine, not only physically but also mentally.

In other words, they are looking for the polarity in a man, not the men who behave similarly to them. Men who aware of their inner essence would automatically display polarity, attract women magnetically, and create the chemistry. Women are precisely looking for that in a man before they get involved. That is the secret ingredient in approaching beautiful women.


The fact is that the women are not looking for looks and money; these beliefs were force-fed by society, media in our heads. What women are looking for in a man is a real sense of his identity as who he is that projects promise, positive aspirations, accomplishments, and a cool sense of attitude that shows “whatever comes, in my way, I will deal it.”

So, approach, say Hi, and have some small talk with a woman you see next. Just make sure you project the sense of certainty and clarity about life and that will automatically communicate the confidence to the woman and make you attractive.

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