Rebuild Your Relationship with Your EX

The straightforward answer to the question is: How important and worthy was your relationship with her?

The hardest part of the relationship is the breakup. Because be it a man or a woman, it becomes difficult to cope up with it when you have something special for the other person­­­­­­­­.

Rebuilding any relationship is the toughest thing one can do and when that is with your loved one, things can get a little harder to achieve.

But yes, it is possible! You can definitely work out things and rebuild your relationship with her.

How? I’m going to tell you, but before that let’s find out how to know that if it’s really a good path to walk on?

Umm…Let’s see!

So, the answer can vary from person to person.

It all depends on your past relationship with her and your present state of mind?

If you just want to be with her because you can’t stop thinking about her and are unable to process the breakup then you need to ponder more over it. In this case, you may need some time and space to heal and move on instead of getting back together!

Remember, the decision of reconciling your relationship should never and ever be taken in haste. You won’t like the results of it if you’re broken again by the same person.

So think and think more about it before confessing your feelings to her about getting back together.

Now if you’ve ended things on bad terms with her, and you realized that it wasn’t the right thing to do then you can express your guilt to her and make a confession. In that case, it would be her choice if she’s ready to forgive you or not.

And if the things between you two were ended on a good note that is on a mutual basis, then you can discuss the thought of getting back together with her figuring out a way to deal with things due to which you guys broke up on the first place.

How to initiate and what should be kept in mind?

So, if you’ve made your mind completely that you want your ex back then make sure that you take care of a few things because you can’t afford another mistake here.

Do not hurry: Take your time and give her time to process everything. Don’t try to fix everything too soon after the breakup. This won’t help you and you might end up upsetting her even more. Let her figure things out too.

Figure out if she’s on the same page: Thinking to fix things without knowing whether she wants to or not can be hurtful for you. So before asking her officially, take a guess from her actions about what does she want?

Don’t blackmail her emotionally: Sometimes just to get back together, guys tend to say or emotionally start blackmailing the girl. Do respect her decision and go on with it instead of forcing or manipulating her. This will just degrade your image so don’t attempt such a thing.

Tell her what’s changed: Start by telling her how things will be different this time and how you both can avoid making the same mistakes again.

Don’t lie: Don’t make the mistake of telling her things you are not going to follow just for the sake of getting back together. Whatever you say to her, mean it! If you have a thought of rebuilding your relationship then you have to make some efforts to sustain it. So stay true to her and yourself as well.

Don’t try too hard: Show that you want to get back together but don’t show that you’re making way too much effort. That doesn’t mean you have to be egoistic. Give her the chance to realize that she misses you and there’s no harm in getting back together.

Keeping these points in mind will lead you in the right direction and can make things right in an appropriate manner.

But remember one thing:

Whatever happens; it’s for the best

It’s fine if she doesn’t want to get back together. You made your effort but if she doesn’t appreciate it, it’s okay. Sometimes it’s best to let her go.

It’s going to hurt you for some time but you’ll know eventually what good was waiting for you and somehow what you did was the right thing. Whatever happens, it happens for a reason so listen to your heart and respect yours and her decision.

It’s the best thing you could do!

And you’re gonna definitely find someone a thousand times better than her. I assure you. So never lose hope!

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