How to be confident around her even if you aren’t usually

To even say the word confidence, you need to have confidence. And, normally, not everyone has it.

But if you have to impress the girl who you like, then you have to be confident because girls don’t get attracted to guys who aren’t confident enough.

Well, don’t worry.

I have a solution for you.

Confidence comes from both inside out. All you have to do is allow it to flourish in front of others.

There are numerous examples of people who were completely underconfident at the start of their career but after learning some basic things and implying some few techniques, now they are shining in front of the whole world with full-on confidence.

So, remember that it’s possible! And I will make it possible for you.

I will tell you the ways, tricks, and techniques via which your confident personality will shine in front of her.

#Body Language: I know it sounds very basic thing but do you know exactly what type of body posture makes people look confident and enthusiastic?

What should be your body language when you talk to girls?

So, while talking to her, make sure that your hands are out of your pocket. You can either cross them around your arms or can cross them and put them behind your back or try to talk with your hands too.

When you talk with your hands, it makes you look that you are interested in the conversation otherwise it looks as if you’re too busy to talk.

So remember this point. Show her interest, so that she too can express the same.

Next, the way you stand reflects a lot about your personality, about your confidence.

If you’re standing with loose shoulders, it won’t take her time to escape from there. So remember that when you face her and talk, you should stand in a way that your shoulders and back of your feet must align.

To look more interested or to look like that you have taken some time from your schedule to talk to her, you can keep one foot at a 45° angle to her and another foot straight to her.

Then you can maybe stand at a 45° angle to her, relax, and can shift your body weight on your both legs without her noticing it. It will make you comfortable and your standing posture will also look great.

#Eye-Contact: Since now you’ve learned about your standing posture and body language; make sure that you talk to her while gazing at her eyes.

Making eye contact in any conversation is too important. It makes her know that you’re interested in talking to her.

Not looking at her eyes can leave a bad impression and you’re not confident enough, will appear right away.

Also, don’t just keep staring at her. That could make you look like a creep. If she is the shying one, you can shy too. Try to mirror her. It will make her feel comfortable.

#Try not to overthink or over analyze: People who aren’t confident enough have this tendency of overthinking or over-analyzing the situations. This is the basic trait that makes them shy in the first place.

You have to stop thinking about every single thing twice before doing it. Sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling and just have to wait for the consequence.

Just the same way, when you talk to a girl, don’t overanalyze the things that can go wrong. Stay calm. Don’t think what others will think about you. Focus only on her and your confidence will be visible.

#Stay Positive: This is basically the solution to every other problem. Just stay positive. I know it’s hard to do it in practice but if you’ll try, you will surely be able to and hence will see productive results too.

You just have to stop thinking, “I can’t” and “What ifs”. Avoid all the thoughts that are confusing you if you have to bring up your confident personality. Start thinking the other way, the positive way and no one will be able to point at you, not even you yourself.

#Think about Leading Your Love: Under confident people also have the quality to impress the most beautiful girl. You just have to think like a man that how would you be able to lead her. Bring that quality that will lead you to lead her. And you’ll get the best way around to impress her.

To Close:

They say Confidence comes from within. Wrong!

You can build confidence whenever you want. All you need is the will to do it.

Now that you’ve learned some really effective tips, do imply them and impress her.

To notify us in the comments and leave your feedback there. I wish you may have a pleasant date.

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