Are you wondering why girls find some guys repulsive even with good looks, better income, and status? The answer lies between knowing how to embrace your masculinity and avoid being emasculated by falling into a nice guy trap. Imagine two guys named Anil and Sunil.

Characters To Embrace Your Masculinity:

Anil is a nice guy. Even when he sits, he sits in a way that takes up as little space as possible. Sunil is aggressive. Even when he sits, he sits in a way that takes up plenty of space.

Anil is always a little bit anxious and uncertain about the things he does. Moreover, Sunil is always confident, chilled, and relaxed, and bothered about the outcome he will get.

Anil is always worried about what other people might think about him. Sunil does not bother about what other people might think about him.

Habits of Men

Habits To Embrace Your Masculinity:

Anil loves watching movies and TV shows. Sunil loves to work out in the gym.

Anil is afraid of his masculinity and fears being seen as too aggressive, whereas Sunil embraces his masculinity and approaches all areas of his life like a real man.

Anil is a bit sensitive, seeks others’ approval in every situation, and tries to make his girls happy by continually asking them what they want to do, even by ignoring his desires.

Sunil is relaxed and indifferent to most things. He does not even bother what the outcome (especially things outside of his control) is. Sunil has solid self-confidence and feels precisely zero need to prove, and he does not bother to prove himself. He never worries about seeking the approval of anybody. He knows what he wants; does what he wants to do. If a girl is lucky, she can get along with him.

Difference between Anil and Sunil:

The difference between Anil & Sunil is clear; Anil is emasculated and afraid of his masculinity, and afraid of being a man. On the other hand, Sunil is manly and embraces his masculinity.

Whom do you think out of these guys girls find more attractive?

Of course! Sunil. The society preaching might have told that Anil will get the girl. But in reality, Sunil will get the girl. Girls are getting attracted to Sunil, not Anil. Because girls do not want a “nice guy.” Unknowingly the nice guy is in more touch with his “feminine role rather than his masculine role.”


Girls find such guys sexually repulsive. That is why they keep nice guys in the friend zone. If a guy acts powerfully, decisive, assertive, and lead things. He is a leader, and girls want the same guy.

So, always take charge and lead things. Lead your love and girls. Do not be afraid of being a man, and do not be scared of showing your masculinity. Be manly and embrace your masculinity.

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