Most people often fail to build an emotional connection with a girl because they focus more on how to impress girls rather than connecting with her.

In this article, you will learn sure tips to make girls emotionally connected with you. I will teach you how you can avoid the 2 most common mistakes guys make and 2 tips to connect with her.

Mistake #1 Going into interview mode

When talking to a girl, most people go into “interview mode.” They ask question after question.


They ask lame questions such as “where are you from?” And “what’s your job?” So, on. When you ask questions to keep a dying conversation, alive girls can sense that.

How to build emotional connection with a girl

Mistake #2 Just talking about everything at surface level

This is the biggest mistake; most people talk about everything at the surface level. Moreover, they ask a lot about her. Some people literally interrogate her.

It would be best if you remembered interrogation is not seduction. Make her feel that you are asking out of genuine interest.

Tip #1 Use statements instead of questions

The best way to connect with a girl is to talk in statements rather than questions.  Because talking in statements makes her more comfortable around you.


“Instead of asking her, “Hey, what do you do?” Make a guess…say something like…

“Hey, I bet you work as a…” or “Hey, I bet you work in….company.”

Tip #2 Understand the emotions behind things

When getting to know a girl, try to understand the emotions and feelings behind them because girls are creatures of emotions and feelings.

They love this approach. Try to associate with her happy emotions…


To make girls emotionally connected with you:

  • You should not talk in an interview mode.
  • You should not talk about everything at the surface level.
  • Use statements instead of questions.
  • Understand the emotions behind things.

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