How To Talk To Beautiful Women

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How To Talk To Beautiful Women?Most men misunderstand the concept of how to talk to beautiful women. They think there are some magical secrets to talk to women but the reality is there are no magical secrets. How To Talk To Beautiful Women. 

Any man can master the art of talking to a woman if he is prepared and practiced well. It is nothing to do with your appearance, what you do for a living or a special skill you may have.

When I first began learning about how to become successful with women, starting a conversation was one of the key things which I had to master. Because my environment gave me very less experience about how to interact with women.

Then, one of the biggest problems was - what to say and how to ask - during an interaction. After spending years of time, I have become good at talking to a woman and getting the results I want.

The good news is you need not spend much time with me, just follow the simple steps and get results.

Be Prepared:  

You must have understood by this time, preparation is required for accomplishing any task in the area of life, whether it is your job or your business deal or even for approaching and interacting with a woman. You have to mentally prepare to talk to a woman.

If you are not prepared mentally to talk to a woman, you are not going to talk to her even after you approached her. Once you approached, you need to have a good content for a conversation. Having good content helps you to lead the conversation better and make her probably a good friend of you. So, first, prepare mentally talk to any woman.

Get Practice:

This is one of the fundamental errors most men make when they began learning how to approach women and talk to them. They don’t practice. They have the fantasies of how hero in a movie does all miraculous without any practice. That is a movie.

Even actors do a lot of practice and repetition till they get perfect shot while making the movie. So, understand that you have to practice and practice till talking to women becomes natural to you. If talking to a woman is not something you are not good at you to need to practice.

If you want to get good at any skill, you need to sharpen that skill with practice. So to practice,  you need to talk to any woman who is a friend of friend yours, a woman who lives in your surroundings and the local area, or a woman at the health club, social organization,  or any woman you meet in your day-to-day life.

You have to talk to each and every woman who comes across in your day to day situations. You need understand that you have to talk to each and everyone whether you want them or not. This particular activity alone will help you to become good at talking to any woman you don’t know.

Talk And Listen:

Understand that is communication is a two-way process. Most men don’t understand the fact when it comes to how to talk with women. One way talking is not the conversation. When you talk, listen carefully what other person is saying, it completes the cycle.

When you talk to another person they will give you all sort of feedback. If you learn correctly how to reciprocate to that feedback you will know how to communicate better with other people especially with women. So, don’t just talk for sake of talking, just listen carefully what feedback they are giving.

So, when you talking to a beautiful woman you have to talk and then listen carefully what she is saying. For example, she’s telling about herself... listens carefully. In case you have a habit of running your thoughts here and there, you must avoid this bad habit. Let me warn you women have good intuition and they are good at recognizing whether you are truly listening to them or just talking for the sake of talking.

The male psychology is different from female psychology, in other words, we men are rational and analytical in the thinking whereas women are more emotional, operate with the intuition and feelings. Nevertheless, to mention, these are two opposite things.

In other words, you got to have the polarity with women and have to remember that she is an opposite sex with you.

Don’t ask the questions like below:

What do you do for fun?

Do you come here often?

Rather try to connect them at an emotional level.

But the question comes to you is how to with a woman on an emotional level.

You can connect with women at an emotional level by asking different types questions that trigger emotional thinking.

During your interaction with a woman, you can ask

Hey, how did you feel about that?

So you can choose topics such as movies, music, traveling. These are some of the best topics to pick up because these create interest in a woman and connect her with happy emotions.


When you interact with the women you also need to remember that you are a total stranger to her. Your objective is once you interact with a woman, she should never treat you like a stranger next time you meet her. That means you got to connect with her rather than just having a conversation and talking too hard for the sake of talking. So when you are interacting with a woman you have to make her feel like that you both known each other for a while, if not for a long time.

How can you do this?

How you ever observed when you interact with your friends, you are comfortable and relaxed, laid back without any nervousness. And you are comfortable in your own skin. Also, you don’t interrogate your friends with boring questions. So, bring the same fun, enthusiastic attitude when you interact with the woman.

Remember “Women comfortable around men who are comfortable themselves”

You can do it by conveying a sense of comfort and confidence when you are interacting with her.

Genuine Conversation:

Don’t talk to a woman for the sake of talking, ask her genuine questions.

At any cost, you do not start interrogating a woman by boring questions that put her and are the pilot mode.

After you said HI, you can ask her something situational, sententious or about the surrounding environment. These are the best ways to start conversations. You have to use your situations and circumstances for starting a conversation. It works best with all women, as it is situational and natural for them. It is situational, so looks natural for women to interact with you.

This is the secret of this conversation style. Much better than using canned pickup lines, as if you read in some novel or book or watched some movie or TV shows. The situational style works wonders than some canned material.


After you said Hey, to a beautiful woman, You can speak about astrology to woman girl who looks religious.

Pick some food item and ask how to cook with a woman who looks a bit traditional in a supermarket, anything situational and natural.

if she is in a shopping mall you can ask her about whether those particular closer good are are good they are better to buy or If she is reading a newspaper you can ask her what’s going on in the walled of what’s new.

Another best way to talk to women is by asking questions that bring her happy emotions. You can do this by asking her questions like her favorite, movies, celebs and holiday destinations, career ambitions or what her best vacation was on and on. This can bring her remember her happy moments at the same she can associate with you.

You also have to understand that when you interacting with all you question should be open-ended.

If you get a one-word reply like yes, no or over there, probably you are not going anywhere. That is the signal she is not interested in communicating with you and it’s the time you can leave her by saying bye and move on.

Attitude To Use:

Bring fun, enthusiastic or playful attitude. Being playful not only makes you charming to women but also conveys that you’re a naturally cool. In other words, it also communicates to women that you don’t get intimidated by talking to women at all. When you interacting with a woman you object should be”you want her to remember you. You want her to think about you. And you want her telling her friends about you”. You can do this by bringing all the elements that I have taught you above with cool comfort. Playful fun attitude while you interact with women.

All the best for your success with women you always desired!

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  1. Not all men know to talk to women. If you want to have a good conversation with them it’s a must to read this information. It will surely help you a lot. Great idea, Thanks for sharing this!

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