How to get your ex-girlfried back

Give her enough space to process the things: I know that you are at the peak of your emotions and trying to do whatever you could to bring her back […]


Ever wonder how easy it is to attract women if you have that six pack body, those extra few inches of height, and million dollar income? Well, these are the […]

Love, Lust, and Confusion? Get Clarirty

Love, lust, and confusion: This is the state of mind for most single guys in India. Some want love; some have lust. People differentiate and judge based on the words (love or lust) you use. Don’t worry, that’s is their hypocrisy. Have love, lust but not fear.

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Top 10 Love Quotes to Lead Your Love by SAM

Here are top 10 love quotes to “Lead Your Love Life” from Indian Love Consultant, Sam. 1. “In India, people say attraction is interim and love is forever but a […]

inner game secrets for men

Top 10 Inner Game Secrets to ATTRACT Indian Girls

Your inner issues influence your success with girls more than you think” -Sam. In this article, I am going to teach you top 10 inner game secrets to attract girls. These inner game secrets will make you more authentic guy whom girls get attracted naturally.