How to decide the appropriate location for your first and following dates?

Choosing a Location, yep, an exciting yet sensitive thing to do as if she has given you the responsibility to choose the location, you got to get it right, which undoubtedly takes a lot of contemplation.  

Picking up a location or even deciding it with your date always plays an important role to make an impression, before actually going out with her. 

Yes, the location that you’ll pick will tell a lot about you, and other than that who doesn’t want to make a great impression on their first date, right? 

People usually struggle to think about the most suitable location to choose so that they can impress their date with the taste of their choice, and especially if it’s the first date. 

If you’re also facing the same struggles then you don’t have to worry anymore about it because you’ve landed on the right page. 

Today, I’m going to tell you some of the best and simple ways on how to exactly choose where to take your date on your first date so that you can also have future dates with her. 

Sounds amazing, right? 

So before moving ahead with all the positive talks of what you need to do, let’s go through some of the ways you apply that should be a clear no-no so that next time you try to follow those, you can avoid doing so. 

What you don’t have to do? 

First and foremost, never say no if a girl asks you to decide the location. If she’s new in town, then you obviously have to choose but if you both belong to the same town or nearby, then take the chance to pick up a location.  

You can communicate many things through that or even start your conversation on your date by asking her about the place you chose. 

Next, never pick up a place randomly or in a hurry for your dates. You got to be a little bit serious about picking up a location before taking a girl there.  

And never pick up a new location for your date. Don’t even try to, no matter how much good you’ve heard about it. Choose only those locations where you’ve already been and have tasted the food before.  

You wouldn’t want to disappoint her by making her eat something which you haven’t eaten before and turns out to be really crappy. 

So always pick a place you’ve visited before. 

Now let’s see how you should exactly proceed to find the best location to take your date on your first date. 

#1 First, get yourself and your needs right: With this, what I mean is know what exactly are you looking for to go on a date with her? Because not all first dates are meant to be special.  

Sometimes people just don’t talk to each other a lot and decide to meet first. And sometimes, people have a good conversation first before meeting each other. 

So if you’re someone, who just wants to meet her casually, (that is just want to meet her in person before continuing too much of conversation) to know whether you’d like to date her or not, you don’t have to put up a really expensive date.  

That is, you can choose someplace affordable. Or this could be also done by grabbing a cup of coffee. Because your motive is not to impress her but to just know her. But still, make sure that it shouldn’t be just like a normal Tapri. A decent café would do.  

The point is the ambiance should always be comfortable whenever you meet a girl no matter how casual the meet is. 

And if you’re someone who has been talking to the girl for a long time now, you could have a proper official date. Because, since you’ve been talking to her for this long, you must already know her very well and like her too so you can directly focus on impressing her on your first date. 

How? The following points are for you. 

#2 Know her Interests: Since you two have been talking for a long time now, getting to know her interests wouldn’t be a big deal for you, right? 

Now, here are two scenarios. One, she doesn’t know anything about the town. Two, you both live in the same town. 

If the situation is the first one, try to find out what kind of places she actually prefers and usually hang out. Like, try to know what kind of surroundings she likes to be in. Does she like busy places or places that are quiet and peaceful? What are her preferences at daylight hangouts and night hangouts?  

And if she’s from the same town, then you might easily ask all these questions that on what places she’d been? What she liked, what she didn’t, in more of a subtle way. 

Make sure that you don’t ask all these questions directly to her. You have to play smart. You have to let this all out from her without even slightly letting her know that you’re asking this with a particular motive. 

So play safe and try to get as much as you can from her that may help you. 

#3 Location depends a lot on the timings you decide: The choice of your location will depend a lot on the fact that at what time you guys have decided to meet. 

Timings here in the sense mean that, have you two decided to meet in the daytime or night?  

Because day dates and night dates are a lot different from each other. From attire to location, everything changes according to these two. 

If you’re planning to take her on a daytime date, a decent restaurant or any other visiting place if you have in town, with ambiance according to her interests would do. 

For night dates, you can either plan for a dinner date, or a club party date, or a long drive date according to her preferences. 

#4 Contemplate the location keeping her interests and timings in mind: Now since you know where she likes to go most in her city and what kind of environment she prefers; you can easily select a place in your city.  

If she likes a somewhat peaceful and quiet environment, you can take her to someplace quiet like a riverside or somewhere where nature is at its best. 

Otherwise, you can take her to some tourist spot if there’s one in your city or any decent restaurant keeping her interests in mind. 

Either if it’s a day date or a night date, once you know her preferences, it would be really easier for you to find a place that almost meets her preferences.  

And it would make a great impression on her as well when she’ll notice that how amazingly you’ve met her preferences without asking directly to her. 

So these were some of the tips which you can follow if you’re meeting her in our town. 

But another situation is what if you two meet somewhere which is new to both of you? 

For example, you both live really far from each other and are meeting at someplace in the mid of your journey. 

Let’s see what to do then. 

In this case, where you both don’t know much about the place and are meeting to set a perfect date, you have to make a bit more effort in pre-preparation. 

You can obviously research on Google about that town and places to visit there according to your and her preferences. 

Next, if you can, you could try to reach there a day or two before she arrives there. In this way, you can easily know the town and find some good places to set a date there. 

Or you can also refer to some of your friends and take their advice on the same if you know someone who has lived or lives there since locals can tell you about the place in a better way. 

To Conclude: 

A good choice of location automatically increases the chances of your date being successful. 

When a girl comes to meet you, right after seeing you; she takes a look at the surroundings and her subconscious creates the very first impression of you according to that in her mind. 

If she feels comfortable settling there, she’ll react very positively and boom, your date got a great start.  

But if she isn’t comfortable, there’ll be a negative sort of impression of you in her mind at the very start of your date.  

So it’s really necessary to take some time and think wisely about the location if you are interested in her and want to invest your time in her. 

So don’t worry, you’re gonna have a great time with her, just follow these tips.  

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