Do’s and Don’ts a man should always keep in mind on their first dates

So finally you’re going to meet her in person. Right!? 

Excited? Well, you should be. 

First dates are always very special. It’s the first time you’re going to make in-person memories with them. It’s the first time you’re going to have a closer look at them. 

Some people go to their first dates real soon as they start talking to each other while some take their time and try to know the person on texts or calls before getting to know them over a cup of Coffee or Tea. 

Well, both are equally viable until both the people are satisfied with what they do. 

But it’s always your kind of duty to give your best shot at all your dates with a girl because you never know which one can change your life around.  

Yes, just like every other problem, this problem also has easy and efficient solutions following which you can make a great impact on your first date. 

So there are some dos and don’ts for the same which are easy to follow and to keep in mind too.  


#Do Choose a Good Location: If it’s you who have to choose the location, then my friend it’s a great opportunity to make a great impression. Just don’t let it go to waste. 

Choosing a Location tells a lot about you and your personality.  

For ex, what kind of ambiance do you like? What kind of people do you like to be around? How well do you know the place? What is your status and how well do you think? And probably a lot more. 

If the girl likes the location of your choice, her subconscious will already create a positive vibe in her mind regarding you, which is a great sign to start your date. 

Before choosing the location, you can also ask for her preferences or can try to remember if she has mentioned any of you guys were talking for quite some time before meeting in person.  

This would help you a lot and you can easily impress her, rest if she hasn’t mentioned or she didn’t tell any of her preferences about the location then you need to actually think it through.  

You have to choose the location according to the time of your meet.  

For example, if you guys are meeting in the daytime, then you can choose a nice café or restaurant which is not too crowded and have a good ambiance. However, if you’ll meet her at night, then maybe you can choose some party place if she loves parties, or can also choose to go on a long drive. 

#Do keep up with your Confidence: I know, first dates bring up nervousness and maybe a little bit of anxiety which is normal. But you need to make sure that, that doesn’t get reflected on your date. 

You have to keep yourself calm and peaceful so that you can present yourself confidently. 

Try to keep a smile on your face while you meet her. 

And if you feel too nervous then take a few breaths before meeting her. Drink water and maybe listen to something calm and relaxing to quiet your mind.  

Don’t try to overthink a lot and keep faith in yourself. Tell yourself that it’s going to go great and she’ll like you. 

Just calm yourself first and then only go and meet her with full confidence and a smile on your face. 

#Do Listen: Listening is actually a part that people often miss doing on dates. It can be you, it can be her too. 

Just make sure it’s not you. 

You don’t have to go on and on and on. Maybe she wants to add something, just let her speak too and while she speaks, listen to her patiently without cutting her off. 

These are basic etiquettes that you need to show while you meet somebody.  

And, now if it’s the girl who is just not shutting up and not letting you speak then maybe you can politely intrude her conversation and either add your points too or can tell her to let you speak as well, but remember, in a polite and a smart way. 

#Do keep a Good Body Language: Well, this one you already know that how much body language matters. 

Body language also tells a lot about your traits. It tells how much you’re involved in the conversation. How much attention you’re paying. 

From your eyes to your leg movements, every action and non-action your body makes is the body language that girls usually notice a lot. 

For starters, you can have a smile on your face and try to respond well through your actions. 

#Do try to Be Yourself: In other words, Do not Pretend. Show her who you are instead of showing off way too extra of who you are not. 

Guys tend to do these things just to impress the girl. Well, if you want to make this date and upcoming dates with her a success too, then you need to avoid this. 

Maybe you can impress her by lying on your first and max on two dates, but on third, she’ll catch you. And once she did, I don’t think so any respected man will be able to deal with that embarrassment of misguiding a girl. 

So Save yourself from a bad name and try to be true in front of her. 


#Don’t be late: That’s basic etiquette. Once you can be late for a class but never ever be late for your date. Otherwise, you’ll end up creating a negative vibe at the start of your date only and that can screw everything up. 

Respect the time, and start well by being there either on or before time. 

And if you get late too, then call her beforehand only, and tell her what’s exactly is the issue and how long she needs to wait there so that she may not feel that you’re usually like this. 

This will also show that you’re concerned enough to update her about you being late and might create a slight good impression as most guys don’t even care to do so. 

#Don’t Be Shy and Clueless: Avoid being nervous and shy. You guys may have had a conversation on texts so she’s not new to you and there’s nothing too shy there. 

She’s just a normal girl whom you know but just are meeting for the first time. 

Sometimes guys also go clueless and they have no idea what to say and how to react in front of their date. In that case, take a 2 minutes break, go outside, take deep breaths, drink water, and calm yourself down. 

Then come to her, apologize for what happened and start continuing your conversation. 

#Don’t interview her: Remember, it’s a date and not an interview. So please skip that question-answer round and have an engaging conversation. 

A lot of times, this thing happens and you won’t know it until it becomes annoying which bores the girl too.  

This might end up creating an impression that maybe you don’t know how to pull off a conversation. 

So what should you do in that case? 

When you ask her any question, make sure that it’s open-ended and not just a yes-no answer question. 

Your question should be like that she gets or remembers an interesting story out of it which she can share and the same you could do too and hence this way the conversation will flow.  

#Don’t keep on staring at her: Yes, this is actually being noticed that some guys keep on staring at the girl which actually will creep anyone out and she might feel uncomfortable. So avoid doing that. 

You have to make eye contact and not stare at her. There’s a difference between the two, know that. 

#Don’t talk a lot about your ex/exes: This is another mistake that you can probably make. Just don’t talk a lot about your ex on your first date. 

Maybe you can talk about it later when you guys start dating officially but not on the first date. 

It just creates a negative vibe and that’s not great. 

If she asks too, then you can either tell a little or can completely ask her politely that you would like to skip the topic as you don’t want to be all negative and make it all sad in this great ambiance. 

To Conclude: 

So these were some of the dos and don’ts which pretty much sums up everything.  

Make sure that you follow these as it’s really necessary to try to make the event successful if you invest your time in it. 

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