One of the standard advice you hear from people on how to attract girls is to be cool with chicks, and you will draw them. And you see the guys with hot chicks and thought that DUDE IS SO COOL. However, neither you nor your friends have taught you how to be cool exactly.

Be Assertive yet Fun:

My secret and simple equation to be cool is (Assertive + Fun). Read the following article to know about “How to Attract Girls.”

Being assertive yet fun is one of the most effective attraction magnets you can develop to pull girls like magic. It is combining assertiveness and fun with bit arrogance sometimes. The art of saying something to a girl in a manner that makes her mouth open and laughs automatically. She replies, Oh My Gosh! I cannot believe that you just said that. Then she is playfully hitting on the arm.

For instance, look at how the hero acts in James Bond movies’ and David Letterman. You are going on the right track if she is laughing and still there.

Get Into Her Circle:Get into her circles

Mostly, hot girls hang out with other hot girls. It is always good to have the kind of girls you want to date in your social circle. The idea here is building connections into their lives.  These connections will help you to understand how to interact with women just like them. And you will learn everything you need to know to attract the type of girls you always wanted. The best part is they will automatically bring the women to you.

Use every opportunity to let those women feel your “attractive character,” and that will automatically attract them to you.

But never try to hover around them to sneak into their lives to start a romantic relationship in a needy, insecure manner that is going too wired, and she may avoid you.

Converse In Parables:

The power of story is something we humans cannot resist associating ourselves at a subconscious level. The parable has such fantastic potential to get associated. A good storyteller will have the ability to deliver his message drive into the subconscious mind of the listener and make them act on the outcome. Girls crave stories, and this is why they read those trashy romance novels.

Learn how to make her feel associated with the attractive character in her head. Tell her a story that grabs her mind and hypnotizes her by remembering your “attractive character.” The key is to show “attractive character” with emotional hooks and details that keep the conversation feeling alive. To do that add some suspense, conflict humor, and tragedy with vivid words and descriptions that make your experience 3D for her. Become good at storytelling you can put her into trace mode, in which she will associate with your attractive character.

However, I am not talking about bragging your made-up adventure that did not happen. I am talking about a good story that gets a girl emotionally engaged.