How To Impress Beautiful Women?

Generally, pay more attention towards small details than men do. In order to impress women, you must avoid the mistakes most men make and have to present right things. In other words, you have to trigger positive outcome whenever you approach them. Read the following article to know about ” How to Impress Beautiful Women “

If you are wondering how to project right personality so that you can impress them, I am here to help you.

How to Impress Beautiful Women? :

Now, I am going to teach you 5 tips that help you project right things about you whenever you interact with them. Take care of these 5 things you will surely know to impress beautiful women.

1.Perceived intelligence:

Always project that you’re naturally interested in conversing with a beautiful woman and do not project as if you just came to pick her up. Read some books that interest you, usually around sales, travel destinations, and interesting news. This will help you as a good a source of material for interaction. And most importantly, practice being attentive to what the woman is saying.  It will give you a lot of information about what subject areas she might be interested in. Also remember, that you are having a conversation with the women. So,  focus on a conversation, not on how to get a date, how to spend time with her in future.


Women place a great deal of importance on how you present yourself to them. No matter what they may tell you, most women judge a book by its cover. Your presentation is your opportunity to prove that you are an attractive man. Do not present yourself as a needy, weak man. In other words, what I am saying is, project yourself as a cool guy. You can be attractive to any women with your masculinity and coolness.


Confidence is attractive. If you project confidence while approaching a woman, you will also be perceived as an intelligent man. Make a quick approach as it displays confidence. Another benefit you get when you make a quick approach, you will not have time to psych up yourself. That is why the three-second rule works always better. If you apply this rule, you will overcome fear quickly and getting better results.

You just need to make certain small changes in your day-to-day life.


I do not mean that you need to look like a Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.  I am saying try to look better by investing in your wardrobe to dress up better than you generally do. In case no woman had commented positively on your dressing style in the past, you need to work on your style. You do not need to spend more money on the clothes. However, when you buy be selective, know what the current style, and wear clothes that fit you better.

5.Personal Grooming:

Personal Grooming

Shave or trim facial hair and other hairs regularly. Take care in the personal hygiene department to smell good whether it is your breath or body. In other words, a little attention in these areas can dramatically increase your natural physical appearance. It is nothing to do with how you were genetically born; it is how you make yourself look better. If you are out of shape, the solution is to hit the gym 5 days week. Alternatively, you can build a nice physique by just spending 20 min a day by doing exercise at home without any equipment by focusing on your core body.  Over a period, your body looks great. The key is consistency, not how many hours you spent in the gym.

  • These small things talk about you in a big way. Because women see you subconsciously as someone who takes pride in himself, who is on their path and purpose in life.
  • If you pay attention to your physical presentation, you will take care of all the tiny details. As a result, when you approach a beautiful woman, you already “look better, smell better, feels better and have something interesting to say”.
  • Most of the time, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you follow my advice, you make every first chance as your best impression.