Karan was an Engineering Student in Mumbai, India. He was a single man and a fan of Bollywood movies and never skipped a film with a love theme.

Karan saw his dream girl Reema when she joined their college in the 3rd year of engineering. He fell in love with her at first sight. But he failed to recognize the visible signs she is not interested in him.

Since then, he started pursuing her. Reema knows that Karan is a very nice guy. But she never told Karan that she likes him.

After waiting almost two years when they were about to become tech graduates, one beautiful day, he proposed her. To his gloom, Reema rejected his proposal, and she said she loves another guy.

Karan became so upset and wrote to me and asked me, Sam, why the hell Reema did not love me. Even if she did not love me, why could I not sense that early instead of wasting these two years?

If the girl you are with showing the following 15 signs, she is not interested in you. Watch out for these visible signs and do not waste time, effort, and energy on the wrong girls like Karan.

Here Are The 15 obvious Sings She Is Not Interested In You:

Signs she is not interested in you

She does not-

  1. make an effort to know about you or the things you like
  2. make time for you
  3. laugh at your jokes
  4. put any effort to look good for you
  5. accept your invitation to hang out
  6. respond to your text. (in case she does, it is very slow or only one-worded reply)
  7. answer your calls
  8. make eye contact when you talk to her
  9. introduce you to her friends
  10. look at you; instead, she  looks around the room

 She does-

  1. nods her head instead of answering.
  2. shifts her body away from you during the conversation
  3. gives only one-word answers when you try to push the conversation.
  4. avoid being alone with you
  5. mention another man


If the girl you are with showing the above 15 signs, she is not interested in you. Out for these obvious signs, and do not waste your time, effort, and energy on these girls like Karan. want to learn what really attracts beautiful girls? Check out this.

Let me know if you found any other signs that I did not talk about in this article from the comment section below.