About Lead Your Love & Sam

Hi, Man, I want to take a minute and introduce “what is Lead Your Love and who is Sam?” Lead Your Love is Premier Love  Consulting firm for men located in India created by the Sam - Indian Love Consultant.


Sam's  Story:

Like each of you, I am actually a normal guy, who went through a point in life where I decided that I needed to get this part of my life called “Love” handled. I will not bore you with the details.  I have all most all the qualities every woman desires in man (like a good job, good salary, good character and looks...as per mainstream advice that is religion, society, movies, and media) yet struggled to get a girlfriend for several years. Ironically, most of the guys could not believe the fact that I was single whenever I interacted with them.

Several years ago, one fine afternoon, I happened to see a beautiful girl with whom I fell in love instantly.  I did everything right as per mainstream advice. Out of luck, Things went well with her initially. But somehow things went out of control later. She began avoiding me and I felt helpless, weak and depressed. My love was true and I loved her sincerely but she did not get the feel of it. I am sure I am a much better match to her but I had no clue why she did not love me. I was just wondering why she did not understand my true love even though I did everything right as per mainstream advice.

My Breakthrough Discovery!

I had another female friend who is similarly beautiful like the girl whom I loved. Off late, my female friend started liking me even though I did not show any interest in her. I was quite confused because the girl whom I loved sincerely started hating me and the girl to whom I did not even show any interest started liking me madly. What Is This?

Then I took a commitment that I would figure out this LOVE thing at any cost. I spent several years interacting and studying thousands of beautiful women and their behavior in all lifestyles. To my shocking, what we men think right things are not right at all, whatever has been taught by parents, teachers, society and movies, and media is hypocrisy. I wasted almost 2 years convincing her to understand my true love because of this hypocrisy.

Things That “DID NOT MAKE SENSE” actually "WORKING" with women:

The more I studied them, I saw so many beautiful women hang out with men that have average looks and income. I saw, when I tease them they like me more than I appreciated and respected them. I got respected when I did not entertain their drama than giving more attention to it. During that process, I have discovered Million-Dollar Aha’s.

To make a long story short, I made rapid progress by learning from these “Insights”, and I took the things I learned… tested and refined the ideas into a system… and put it all together for me. It’s not my style to tell stories, but the fact is that I have dated some pretty amazing women over the last several years.

I have taught my system to my friends and colleagues, they go pretty amazing success with women. One of my friends loved a girl several years and she dumped him, he almost went to a point, he thought of committing suicide. I taught him my system; he used the things I thought, now he not only got a pretty supermodel, and he is running his own business too.

Most Men Fail With Women For Two Reasons: 

First: They Believe That Love Will Happen Automatically, So, They don’t take action. I was no exception for this. Until several years ago, I was a true believer of love is something that happens automatically. My experience of interacting and studying thousands of women taught me love is something I can make happen with any woman I want, in other words, I can simply LEAD it. You can "Lead Your Love" Too

Second: If at all they take action, they follow wrong advice from novice friends, biased parents religion, society movies and media. Hence, they do not succeed.


Why Should You Believe That I Can Help You?

Why should you believe in what I am Saying when there are so many so called gurus are teaching this stuff.

Well,  You Should Not.

In fact, I would recommend that you approach my stuff with a “Healthy Cynicism” and a “Systematic Perspective”.

I want you to TRY what you learn from me.

Only after you’ve seen that my stuff is REAL…You are getting the results you want... and then “believe” me?


Thank You 




Sam has blown me away with his new insights into Love and Women. It is incredible to learn how you can get the women you always desire in such an easy and realistic way. He taught me the skills on a very different level than I had imagined was possible. For those guys who might be new to his stuff or who might not have tried this stuff, let me just say THIS WORKS!!!”

Frank K., from Los Angeles, USA

Sam gives you the foundation about the basics of female psychology and attraction. He clearly points out all the “nice needy” behaviors that so many modern men exhibit, and how those behaviors turn off  women completely –all ”NICE NEEDY” guys need to read, to get it through their heads that being “nice” is not the same as being attractive. His newsletters are a must-read for men.

Robert M., from Melbourne, Australia

Once you understand how his simple principles work, you will project confidence without the use of techniques or pick up lines. It will come naturally to you.

Mahesh B., from Hyderabad, India

Sam gives you insight found that let you create the sort of attention from women that you have always wanted, without coming as a jerk, or a manipulative man. You will unlearn traditional mainstream sense of what a “nice” man is and learn how to be “nice” to women, while still keeping your dignity. The best thing about his principles they all work whether you are single or you are married. He not only does help you with women, but also with your outlook in overall life.

Kevin S., from Toronto, Canada

I have been visiting this site and reading newsletters regularly. Now, I feel more confident. Sam is a genius in attracting women and a good teacher. His strategies have given me new insights and I have a completely different world with women right now. Now I believe I have a completely different level of success with women. I would like to thank SAM for helping me out.

Karan S., from Bangalore, India