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Like each of you, I am actually a normal guy who went through a point in life in which I had to decide to handle this part of my life called “Love”.

I will not bore you with the details. To make a long story short, I have almost all qualities women generally desires in a man as per mainstream advice-religion, society, movies, and media.

I got a good job, earning a decent amount of income, good character and reasonably good looking. But I struggled to get a girlfriend for many years.

On one fine day, I saw her:
Several years ag o, one fine day, I happened to see a beautiful girl with whom I fell in love instantly. I did everything right as per mainstream advice. Out of luck, things went well with her initial days.

But somehow things went out of control later. She began avoiding me and I felt helpless, weak and depressed. My love was true and I loved her sincerely but she did not get the feel of it.

To date, I am sure I am a much better match for her. But then I was just wondering why she did not understand my true love even though I did everything right as per mainstream advice.

My Breakthrough Discovery!
I had another female friend who was similarly beautiful like the girl whom I loved. Off late, my female friend started liking me even though I did not show any interest in her.

Then I was quite confused! Because the girl I loved sincerely began hating me but the girl I did not even show any interest in began liking me madly. What Is This Crazy?

I got that Aha moment!

It was my first Aha moment:
Then I took a commitment that I would figure out this LOVE thing at any cost. I spent subsequent several years interacting and understanding many beautiful girls and their behavior in all lifestyles.

To my shocking, what we men think right things, are not right at all. Our parents, teachers, movies, media and society at large have taught us all wrong things when it comes love and relationships.

They taught us their hypocrisy of how guy should be to become attractive to girls. Because of this hypocrisy, I wasted almost 2 years convincing and perusing the girl I loved to understand my true love .

Things that “DID NOT MAKE SENSE” actually “WORKING” with women:
In journey, I discovered the things that “DID NOT MAKE SENSE” actually “WORKING” with women.

The more I studied women, I realized many beautiful women hang out with men who have average looks and income as contrary to mainstream advice that only rich and handsome men will get beautiful girls.

I realized that women liked me more when I fun teased them than I adored and respected them. Women respected me more when I did not entertain their drama than giving more attention to it.

During that process, I have discovered many Million-Dollar Aha moments! which I am going to share with you on this website.

I developed a simple yet universal method to attract girls:
To make a long story short, I made rapid progress by learning from these “Insights”. And I took the things I learned, tested and refined those ideas into a system and put them all together for me.

It’s not my style to tell stories but the fact is I have dated many pretty amazing women over the last several years.

I have taught my system to my friends and colleagues who were struggling with women. These guys are with below average looks and income. They got amazing success with women.

My system saved a guy from suicide:
One of my friends loved a girl sincerely for several years but sadly she dumped him. Unfortunately, he almost went to a point in which he decided to committing suicide.

Fortunately, he told his sad end love story to me. I taught him my proven 3-Step method and taught him his purpose in the life. He used my advice, now he not only got a dream girl he always wanted but also successfully running his own business.

Most Men Fail With Women For Two Reasons:
They believe that love will happen automatically. Hence, they don’t take action. I was no exception for this. I had a strong belief that love happens automatically until I had to fail terribly with women.

Some men take action but they fail because they follow wrong mainstream advice. Hence, these men do not succeed with women.

You don’t need to spend years to learn this stuff:
I have figured out this stuff through trial and error with years of handwork.

My initial failures with women gave me a strong motivation to learn on how to lead my love. The experience and expertise I have gained during the process, taught me that love is something I can make happen with any woman I want.

In other words, I can Lead My Love and Girls. If you follow advice that I am going to teach on this website you can too “Lead Your Love”.

Why Should You Believe That I Can Help You?
Why should you believe in what I am saying when there are so many so called gurus teaching this stuff.

Well, You Should Not.

In fact, I would recommend that you approach my stuff with a “Healthy Cynicism” and “Systematic Perspective”. I want you to TRY what you learned from me.

If you are getting the type of results you want with women and think my advice is useful to other single men in India who are struggle with girls/women, spread the word about Lead Your Love.

When an opportunity comes to meet a dream girl, most men are led by fear. If you know how to lead your love, she will become your girlfriend.


“In life, you are either led by fear or lead your love” -Sam.

Thanks for reading!

Sam, Love Coach

What Our Students Are Saying:


This is the absolute best book on how to attract women easily and well. The insights found in this book will let you create the kind of attention from women that you’ve always been looking for and that without being a jerk or a manipulative. Sam makes you give up what you learn from mainstream advice. If you want to attract women this is the book you must read.

Manish Kumar


The ACT Method is very simple and easy to implement. This is the book every single man must read. Now I have got five girlfriends after reading this book. I 100% recommend buying this book.

– Mahesh 


Basically, I have fear of talking with girls, One day I found this website on facebook, and I read the articles which have posted on this website.I truly impressed. And I bought the Lead Your Love EBook. I read it completely within 10 days, very interesting concepts are mentioned in this book.Now I am able to talk with girls effectively. I really appreciate this book author, Thank you very much.

KS Reddy


Actually, I am not a good-looking guy, so I thought, most girls love only handsome and rich men, I did not try to approach any girl. One day I found one article on this website, and I read it. After that, I have been visiting the website regularly. I found a lot of content related to how to attract beautiful women is very helpful for Indian men. Hence, I bought Lead Your Love eBook! believe me, this is the only book you ever need to succeed with beautiful women, I am very impressed. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book, Sam!



Actually I am a person, who read books habitually. And I like reading love concept based books so much. I read so many books. Recently I visited this website and I am very much impressed about this info. I bought the Lead Your Love eBook. I read it completely. The concepts which have taught in this book is very interesting. And I am pleasure reading this book. Thank you.

Raj Sekhar


This book is very useful for attracting girls.




I don’t know, how to start a conversation with girls, I searched for how to start a conversation with girls in google, then I got this article “The 30 Conversation Starters To Talk With Women”. These conversation starters are very simple to approach girls, why because I also applied these conversation starters with some girls and I got the results also. Then I found FREE Reports. Firstly, I downloaded free reports. I read them completely. I am totally impressed. Recently, I saw Lead Your Love eBook from Sam, without a second thought I bought. Guys, I must say this is the book I have been looking for and it delivered more than what it promised! Thanks Much, Sam! for writing such a clear, practical and result driven book which is simple to understand..


Sri Kumar

This content is extremely good. I checked several websites none of the sites shown information like this. I bought this book and enjoyed throughout the book.I am giving the 5-star rating to this book. Thank you, Sam.



Excellent book! Girlfriend Guaranteed


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