Going out on a date 

Feeling a little nervous? A little overwhelmed? 

Don’t worry, that’s normal. 

But you need to worry if the nervousness doesn’t go away soon. Because it’s really important for you to feel relaxed and confident when you meet her. Otherwise, there’s a high risk of you screwing up your date. 

And I don’t think so, you would like that! 

It happens with the majority of men that when they go out on a date, they have this feeling of anxiety, confusion, whether things will go right or not, and with this their self-esteem gets too low just before going to meet her. And that affects the date very badly. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first date or fourth, getting nervous is normal. But when it starts affecting your self-esteem, it should be taken as a serious thing then, which needs to be treated immediately. 

What bad could low self-esteem do? 

Yes, you may think that okay it may happen one or two times. And what bad it could really do? You will make it okay on your next date. 

No, my friend, you can’t. 

Once you screw up your one date, it takes a lot of mental strength and motivation to try it out the second time because the fear of screwing up that too will make you step back a lot of times. 

Once your self-esteem is low, you can just go blank and maybe turn out to be intimidating, or too nervous, or too shy in front of that girl. 

It can make you feel embarrassed and come on who wants to get embarrassed on their dates. 

It just lowers the confidence and the morale down.  

To be honest, at first, finding a date is only a great task and if you find it and if it gets screwed up just because you got anxious and nervous at the last moment, isn’t that a great bummer. 

Do you think that it won’t affect your future dates at all? 

It will, it definitely will. 

It can make you doubt yourself. It will make you too under-confident. Overthinking will make a great home right in your mind. It would affect you in even approaching any girl the next time. 

So why take a chance when you can easily fix that before screwing any of it? 

Yes, you can do it easily. 

There are some things that you need to follow and take care of if you feel anxious, nervous, and if you think that it might affect your self-esteem. 

You can easily boost it then by these methods and can confidently greet your date. 

All you need to do is follow these tips. Now, what are those? 

Let’s Find Out. 

#1 Deep Breath: The very first thing that you need to do as soon as your self-esteem lowers down is to take deep breaths and make yourself calm and chill. 

The more you’ll stress about it, the more it will affect you so try to put your focus somewhere else instead of the thought of meeting your date. 

Take Deep Breaths and Drink Water to relax.  

#2 Hype Yourself Up: Tell yourself that it’s not a big deal and you are going to make this date a success 

Why? Because it’s our subconscious that we need to convince because it is the one who messes with our mind. 

And you can easily do that by saying all those positive things.  

Okay, think of it as an interview of your dream job, (just don’t turn it literally into an interview please :P) that you can’t afford to lose. You want it badly and you will do anything in your power to make that go well. 

The very first thing you need to do is hype yourself up because that makes things a lot easier. 

Hyping ourselves up gives us an extra amount of confidence because we say things out loud, that we believe we have, and we can do. This eventually makes everything go right. 

Doubts inside our heads just before the execution of something big are toxic and dangerous. Hence, we need to stay as far as we can to avoid those, be it in the case of an interview or a date. 

So Hype Yourself Up. Got It!? 

#3 Listen to Music: Music is a great therapy to calm oneself down. 

You can ease your mind by playing your favorite music and can divert your mind from all the negative thoughts. 

So listen to music when you feel anxious and find the need to boost your self-esteem. 

#4 Dress Up Comfortably: Remember, the more comfortable you are, the more easily and confidently you can present yourself. 

Now there are times, when guys contemplate a lot about what to wear to make the everlasting first impression, and might end up with something which can be really catchy to the eye and looks really good but at the same time, it makes the person who’s wearing it, a little too uncomfortable.  

So, that needs to be taken care of. 

Also sometimes, your dressing sense can make you feel somewhat anxious and you may start panicking.  

For example, you may start to think, what if she doesn’t like my look or the dressing sense. Well, don’t. 

Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Now that also doesn’t mean that you go in normal pajamas and something really casual. No. 

Dress appropriately according to the timing, the venue, and which date it is with that girl. But you have to make sure, that you are super comfortable in it. 

Things might get worse if you don’t try to fix them. 

#5 Keep Overthinking aside: Pretty Simple Right?  

No!? Thought so. 

Overthinking is the root cause of all the disasters that we create for ourselves, in this case, you might create for yourself.  

Even before anything takes place, our mind just makes up all the negative scenarios that can take place.  

So what you have to do is, you have to keep on thinking about all the positive alternatives to all those negative scenarios that your mind is making up. In this way, if something goes wrong too, you’ll know what you have to do. 

So in this way, you beat the overthinking also, and you’ve created a lot of back-ups too for all the negativities. 

Else, what you can do is try to divert your mind instead of giving it your full attention so that it keeps thinking deeply. 

Just do it anyway, just make sure that you don’t overthink before going to date. 

#6 Think about fun plans beforehand: Think about your girl. Think about what you guys used to discuss about meeting in person. Because, now that you’re going to meet, you can actually do all that. 

It will also save your time later when you’re with her and it’ll also impress her because you remember what you guys discussed and that you’ve put in a great effort. 

#7 It’s just a date: Yes, it’s just a date. So don’t panic a lot. You look great, you’ll do great. 

Remember, she’s also going to meet you for the first time and she might also be facing the nervousness issue. So, you won’t screw it up and you have to stay calm so that you can make her feel comfortable. 

Just stay confident. Keep a smile on your face and greet her with pleasure. She’ll love it. 

Don’t worry a lot about things and just go with the flow. 

If something gets awkward too then laugh it out as weird things happen with everyone. You’re not new, believe me. 

Always try to make the weird moments a memory that you can laugh upon instead of getting furious and all anxious thinking about it. 

So Have a Great Date. 

It’s going to be amazing. 

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