Never say I Love You first to her instead do this

All the traditional media, movies, parental and friends advice is that. When you meet a beautiful woman you are interested in, you should communicate your interest to her honestly and express your feelings to her. She will understand your honesty and sincerity and most of the cases she will accept your proposal. I am going to tell you in this article about ” Never Say I Love You First To Her “.

Alas! If you ever have tried the above stuff, you know what the results are. In most of the cases, you’ll get your a clear NO unless the woman has already attracted to you.

Do you want to know why? Have you ever wondered why good old traditional advice did not work here? Here is the answer to the piece of the puzzle.

Here Is What Women Think  About You If You Say I Love You First:

What woman think about you

If you convey a woman that you are interested in dating or in marrying her within few minutes of conversing with her or before you create attraction, you are subconsciously coming to her that she is such a romantically qualified person for you and that you are willing to spend your money, time, effort and energy for her.

For a woman to say YES to your proposal, she has to make many decisions and has to commit many things. So, most probably you will get a clear NO.

Never Say I Love You First To Her; Instead, Do This:

Have a great conversation with her and try to connect with her more deeply and walk out from there with her number. There are great possibilities of that conversation leading to your date and so on. Therefore, next time when you get an opportunity to have a conversation with a beautiful woman, do not rush to express your feelings about her.

Expressing your feelings in advance make her in the lead position whether to accept your proposal or reject your feelings or proposal and spoil your chances if any. Therefore, expressing your interest in creating attraction makes you a follower, not a leader. Being a follower of the woman you desire is a looser game. Women love to have followers but they always choose the leader to mate.

Focus on the fun-filled conversation and connect with her. You will get the number and Take the things to the next level over the phone. You have great chances of getting more dates or making her your girlfriend.