Most guys do have inner issues that will prevent their success in their love life. Eventually, these inner issues will become the biggest roadblocks to attract girls they wish. They affect their overall happiness in life, and their influence is more than any guy can think of.

In this article, I will teach you the top 10 inner game secrets to attract girls you have already wanted. These inner game secrets will make you a more authentic guy whom girls get attracted to.

“Your inner issues influence your success with girls more than you think” – Love Coach Sam.

Ideally, you should use some tips and techniques to succeed with girls when you have just started but later, as you progress, you should work on the inner game to become the more authentic guy. Or else girls will sense your internal issues easily.

Now let us understand each of these 10 inner game secrets one by one.

#1. Understand & accept your past:

Understand and accept your past as it was. See everything as it was and accept everything as it was. View your past as your unique starting point, something that helped you to find your true meaning.

#2. Take responsibility for everything:

Please take responsibility for everything, whether it is your past issues or current situation, or future results.

#3. Look better:

You are as good looking as you want to be. Good looking is your choice and personal preference. It is nothing to do with you were genetically born. Other opinions should not be your reality.

#4. Don’t make girls your center:

If you make a girl center of your life, you will never understand your true worth. And you will be in reacting mode always.

#5. Be a social man:

Become naturally social. Develop habits that allow you to connect with girls naturally.

#6. Work on your personality:

Work on your personality. Develop a mindset to lead your love.

#7. Accept rejections & failures are part of the journey:

Do not be harsh with yourself when you face rejections & failures. Understand something went wrong. Find out what is and correct it.

#8. Find your purpose in life:

Purpose gives motivation naturally.

#9. Become more comfortable with your sexuality:

Do not let other’s opinions affect your sexuality. Become comfortable with your sexuality.

#10. Success is a journey, not a destination:

Enjoy the journey, not the destination, yet millions of people do that. Work on your personality.

Using these 10 secrets will improve your inner strength greatly, and girls love you for who you are. That’s what being yourself, not being a loser.


Let me know what do you think of these 10 inner game secrets in this post. Also, let me know if you have other better inner game secrets that you have tried from the comments section below.

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