Best Body Language tips for men to impress their date

Body Language plays an extremely important part once you approach your crush and it’s also very vital in a relationship too. 

When you don’t say anything, you still are communicating with her through your actions and body language. It is a non-verbal form of communication that actually tells her a lot about you even if you chose to keep shut. 

You must have read in various blogs, there’s always a point called Body language (which is not usually discussed in detail, but we’ll discuss it here;)). This is because, for your every problem, body language always plays either a part in a solution or can be the root of that problem. 

So it’s highly necessary to know what’s right in order to impress her or stay happy in the relationship. 

There’s a difference between men and women both physiologically and psychologically. This means that men and women both communicate respond and react at different levels.  

Generally, men get attracted to the beauty and to what they see from their bare eyes but women sees a lot of things, notices a lot of things before she gets attracted to a man. 

Women mostly are attracted and respond to what they feel hence prioritizing their emotions.   

This means that women are more cautious, careful and notices the body language of a person more than a man comparatively. 

So the role of body language is huge while you approach a woman. Remember your body language is the key to how she will perceive you.  

Therefore you have to make sure that you don’t give wrong signals to her, not even accidentally.  

An assertive approach is always recommended when you approach her. Now, make sure that by assertive you don’t misinterpret the word with formal.  

Instead of making passive or aggressive approach, you have to be assertive that is positive. You need to be fun and cool too and not formal when you approach her. 

Remember, when you don’t talk, your expressions, your behavior, your body language communicates and it tells more than you can say and tell to the person in front of you. 

So you need to be aware of how you non verbally communicate to the other person, especially your date or the girl you’re approaching to. 

So let’s get on to somebody’s language tips that you should take care of when you approach her. 

#Make yourself noticeable: Before learning about the body language tips once you talk to her, let’s just have a look at this point on how you need to make her notice you so that you can go and talk to her. 

Yes, your body language again plays great role here. You need to be around her subtly, that is through your common friends or by appearing randomly at the same places. Don’t make it like stalking. But yeah, try to grab her attention through your body language. 

You can use non-verbal flirting. It works. For example, you can make her know that you’re seeing her and can look away when she caught you. You can smile gently when you see her.  

If she smiles back, then it’s a good time to approach her dude. 

And if she didn’t then don’t worry, keep trying she will eventually give you the signal to at least approach her. 

And when she does, here’s what you need to do. 

#Eye Contact: Eyes never lie. Eyes talk a lot. Yes, these statements are true and that eye contact thing does wonder in building a non-verbal spark between two people. 

All you need to do is look into her eyes with confidence and a gentle smile. The eye contact indicates that you’re true to her no matter how long you’ve been talking to each other. 

The smiley eyes can make the girl blush and they make her feel secure and confident about you and around you. 

Just make sure that when there’s eye contact between you and her, let her be the first person to look away and not yourself. 

It just creates a good impression. It shows that you aren’t week or too shy. Also, don’t even try to look at her with a serious face. You might scare her. Eye contact with an expressionless face gives the killer vibes (killer as in serial killer). So make sure that your face has some good expressions or just a smile would also do when you look at her. 

#SmileThey say, Men, don’t smile much. So should you smile around your crush or other women? 

The answer is; Definitely, you should!  

All the confident guys Smile and approve their confidence.  

Have you ever seen a successful guy who never smiles? I guess no! All the strong, bold, successful, and confident guys out there make smiles their weapon to conquer.  

Yes, a weapon. How? You don’t have to smile all the time for that. Just be you. Smiling just makes sure that you aren’t rude and mean to people around you mainly, women. 

Just know that smiling doesn’t make you any less of a man. Women get attracted and smile back only to men who smile at them first.  

The ones who don’t, just seem to be filled with an arrogant attitude no matter how good they are from inside, but approaching women stays always hard for them. 

So now you know that how much necessary is it to smile especially when you’re around women. 

So do smile, would you? 

#PostureAnother really important factor of your body language is your posture. 

The way you stand, the way you sit, the way you talk, the way you walk, your posture will tell about the majority of your traits.  

The posture is the key element to impress the girl when you approach her. The better the posture, the better is the confidence. And the better the confidence, the better is the personality which results in great impression on her. 

So what constitutes a good and decent posture? 

First and foremost is your confidence. Then make sure that you are calm and easy around her that imaintaining composure. Don’t get out of control.  

Then your posture when you sit or stand should be Chin up, Chest up, Shoulders back. Also, you need to smile to add credibility to your personality.  

And when you walk make sure that you’re confident, assured, and full of pride. 

This will ensure your enthusiasm and will make you look successful and passionate which generally impresses women. 

Also, there are certain things that you should avoid following if you do, to maintain a good posture. 

That includes, being uncomfortable, not making eye contact, looking here and there are majority times, down while talking to her or anyone. Never look down. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t put your hands in your pocket while talking to her. Movement of hands and expressing yourself is appreciated by girls so take care of that. 

Now it’s not that you have to take care of your body posture in front of or around women only. If you start practicing it with every other person you meet, you will make yourself a good habit.  So start practicing because posture matters. 

#Walking Rate: Yes, it’s a tiny detail to look upon but at the same time plays a vital role in communicating your body language. 

People especially women do observe your walking style. Walking too fast or walking too slow is taken as a sign of you being insecure, underconfident and lazy, weak respectively. 

Make sure that you don’t rush while walking or move too slow. Keep up a normal speed with confidence and observe the surroundings that means don’t be too busy in any other activity, for example, being busy on phone. You could avoid that. 

#Proximity Comfort: So if you’re a shy guy, this might be somewhat difficult for you but no, it is not impossible. 

It’s necessary for a guy to make himself comfortable to go close to a girl. If you’ll feel awkward, it would make her awkward too and it could make things worse for you.  

You don’t have to be too nervous about t but then not too casual at the same time. 

Try to read her body language. Know how much she’s feeling comfortable around you and then you can think about decreasing the proximity between you and her according to that. 

To Conclude 

So these were some of the best tips which you definitely should apply when you approach her and see the positive results that you’ll get. 

Body language is an important factor in making any person or any relationship successful. So don’t try to ignore or underestimate it. 

Also, keep in mind that it’s not effortless to change the image of a person from a woman’s head. Once the image is perceived by her, it stays and her further actions for that guy depend on that one image. 

So no matter if you like the women or not, it’s your duty to express yourself positively through your body language, be it a man, woman or a child, or any other fourth person.  

To build yourself, you gotta work on a few things. And Body language is one of them. 

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