How to converse and what to talk about to impress your crush?

It all continues with a conversation.

So now you may have put in a lot of effort and finally approached her but that’s not just it. Your work has just begun.

Now you need to step up and talk to her and begin the conversation since the goal is to impress her and how would it be possible without conversation right!?

Communication is a key to build any relationship where ego never comes. So you don’t have to think a lot to start a conversation with her.

If you like someone, you don’t expect and wait for them to make the first move. You have to take the charge and do that, and then only you would be able to lead your love one day.

So it’s no big deal to start a conversation with her. Remember she won’t bite you. So you have to stop admiring and staring at her instead you got to move ahead and talk to her.

Now I agree that once you decide to talk to her, there are so many questions that will come to your mind.

Like, What would you say? What if she doesn’t like you? What if you do something wrong? How will you able to impress her? And many more.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Your every query will be answered here itself with the easiest solution possible.

Initiating conversation is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone can do it effortlessly especially when it’s with a stranger and there are feelings involved.

But you see, you won’t learn until you try. No one does so you gotta try.

So what are the Best Conversation Styles?

So there are various conversation styles which a guy can follow, but here are some of the best and important ones which you can follow and it’ll work.

#1 Direct: Sounds pretty direct, right!?

Yes, it’s a go-and-tell-her formula. It’s a straightforward method to approach and tell the girl that you’re interested in her.

Now how to do so?

You can go to her and be like, ‘Hey, you look so pretty. I couldn’t stop myself but came over to say Hi!’

Or if you find her attractive or any particular thing about her, you can go and directly say that to her as a compliment mixing it with a cute style of flirting.

But make sure that you’re polite. Don’t just appear in front of her and intimidate her.

This style of conversation is basically carried on by guys who are not shy to talk to girls.

Also, not every woman appreciates this style of conversation. So if you really care about the girl, then you should first know the nature that is how will she probably react, and then approach her with this style.

Some women do like this way, especially the ones who like straightforward guys. They might get excited about the fact that the guy is carefree and honest. This makes them give some kind of positive response.

So it depends from women to women. All you have to do is start from somewhere.

#2 Opinions: This method of conversation is for people who don’t want to just directly go to the girl and confess their feelings.

This is for the ones who want to start from scratch and root their feelings into her through building a strong conversation.

This style of conversation consists of discussions, questions, opinions, and attraction. How? Let me help you out.

Start opinionating. Show her that you’re interested to talk about everything and not just about love and flirting.

Talk to her about what she’s willing to and maybe interested in. Ask her questions. Use words like What, Why, How, Where, When and build the conversation.

Put forth your opinions. Feel free to disagree with her too. Tell her what you feel about a certain topic. Ask her opinions on different topics if she’s interested. But don’t force her to.

And avoid asking close-ended questions whose answer is just one word or yes or no and have no scope to build a conversation. Always go for open-ended questions.

For example instead of asking have you visited this place? You may ask, what do you think about this place, have you ever visited here? Tell me something interesting about here.

#3 Fact: As the name suggests, this method builds a conversation through stating or sharing facts. This method is best used with shy girls.

Now that fact can be a Positive, pleasant mood lift fact or can be a Negative sad fact too according to her mood to start the conversation.

Wait, let me elaborate:

By the positive fact I mean, you can use some pleasant facts and start a conversation.

For example, you can start by saying, What amazing weather it is or This place serves the best coffee in the town or anything related to her interests which may lift her mood. You can talk about pleasant and happy facts, about sports, climate, food, ambiance, etc.

Similarly are the negative facts. You can talk about the defeat of your favorite team or can talk about a flop movie that was good or any other interest-related topic.

The motto here is to begin the conversation. And to keep it going. You need to know what she loves to talk about so that you can use it and build the conversation.

You can also research something interesting and tell her those facts maybe about the cities, the food, the actors, nature, the astrology, or anything which is of interest to her. She’ll definitely find both; the fact and You, interesting!

#4 Advice& Favors: This is an opportunity-based style of conversation to approach beautiful women randomly and subtly.

You may talk to them seeking their advice or favor or suggestion on any topic.

For example, when you’re looking for directions in a new place, you could make use of the situation and ask an attractive woman to tell you the same. You can ask some more questions continuing the conversation if you don’t find her occupied.

In this way, you can approach any woman at any place, like the mall, market, cinema, parks, etc, and can continue the conversation if she shows interest.

There are high chances that women may give a good response if you’ll ask her politely and smartly.

Make sure that your questions are on point and appealing so that she voluntarily adds something to it and you can continue to talk to her.

#5 Situational: This is the most used and effective type of conversation style.

You just need to resonate with yourself with what’s going on and initiate the conversation with her.

This is the easiest method as you just need to go with the situation and build something up.

For example, if you’re at a party and see a girl sitting alone, you can go to her and begin the conversation talking or asking about the music or food or dance.

You can use the phrases like, Hey, I think I’ve seen you before:) or if you’re buying something from a store or market, you can ask for the girl’s suggestion in a smart way.

The situational style is just making full use of a situation and initiate the conversation with the girl you’re attracted to. And you can do this any time of the day subtly, obviously not when she’s occupied.

This draws her attention towards you that you’re trying to have a conversation with her. So if she’ll be interested she’ll give you the signals or will do the same to you.

#6 Assumption: This style of conversation takes a little practice and luck too sometimes. But is very effective once you get a hang of it.

In this method, you assume the girl noticing her traits. If you get it right, you’re on man! She’ll at least smile for sure.

For example say, You know you look totally like so and so person, where are you from? Or you can just go like, hey, I think you’re a health freak since you’re so fit. Wondering if you could tell me some of the secrets to getting this fitness.

Or maybe you could ask this girl whom you’re talking to that is she a singer since her voice is so perfect? If she says No, act like why you aren’t, you should be.

The point is, you’ll not only compliment a girl through this style but also impress her through your great guessing talent.

So, Try it Out!

To Conclude

These were some of the simple and effective conversation techniques that you can use in your day-to-day life and can see the results.

To build a strong relationship you have to take a step and just talk to her. And the talk should also be not like, hey, how are you, that’s it. NO!

If you like her, you have to make some effort and keep on trying.

Eventually, she’ll give you a chance if you do it right.

So Go and Communicate!

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