Top 10 Mistakes you should never do

Hi there, Here are Top 10 Mistakes You Should Never Do As a Single Man if you want to get the girlfriend you desire fast.

Top 10 Mistakes You Should Never Do:

1. Complain about being single.

2. Focus your attention on one woman. If you pursue only one woman, when you are single most probably it wastes your energy and time reduces your chances of getting a girlfriend.

3. Make an excuse not to approach a woman you like and not approaching women at all.

4. Say, “I love you” first without creating attraction.

5. Try to solve a woman’s problems or play therapist role for her unless she specifically asks you for help.

6. Talk about an ex-girlfriend more than a little bit or say anything negative about her.

7. Show her weak personality like complaining, condemning or criticizing women.

8. Show her weak body language like fail to hold eye contact, fidget or shuffle.

9. Date women you are not attracted as this will kill your motivation for the girl you desire and make you settle for what already you have.

10. Go to escorts, or watch porn. These activities will hurt your inner confidence, suck away your energy level and bind your instincts.