7 Things that can lessen your chances to come into a relationship

If you’re looking to date a girl for a long time and are making efforts to impress her but still you aren’t able to, then wait! Maybe you are doing things which you shouldn’t. Maybe you’re doing it all wrong. And in the worstcase scenario; maybe you will piss her off and she’ll slip away. 

Don’t worry; keep reading this and I’ve got you covered. Soon, you’ll get to know where were you going wrong and what can you do to make it right. 

Here are a few mistakes which you might be making resulting in struggle to impress her: 

#1 Bragging: Do you brag a lot in front of her? About anything! Be it your money or success or habits or hobbies? Well if you do, then you gotta stop that right now. Girls notice these things a lot and they don’t want to be with someone who just brags a lot and makes the whole conversation about himself. 

Do mention your achievement, goals, hobbies, and everything you want to, but don’t just keep talking about it. It creates really bad impression on the other person. 

#2 Getting too excited: Sometimes when a guy likes any girl and if she starts talking to him, he usually gets way too excited. He shows excitement in everything. Please be normal! You don’t have to freak her out. It’s normal, that she’s talking to you. And if you want the conversation to keep going, that then stay normal around her. 

#3 Shutting down your opinion: So most of the time this happens that to impress the girl, guys start to accept everything which she says. You don’t have to fade away from your opinion, this won’t impress her. Speak Up if you have a contradictory thought to what she is saying. If you continue to do this, she’ll definitely notice after a while and she’ll start making her distance from you. 

If you can’t even defend and justify your opinion, how will you be able to protect and correct hers? So don’t just smile and nod, correct her if she’s wrong. She won’t be offended, instead, she’ll know how much she can learn from you. 

#4 Overwhelming her: I know you like her and showing your affection towards her is okay and normal but don’t overwhelm her with the same. Once the girl starts to feel that you’re trying too much and it’s getting extra, she will not adore that anymore.  

Sending her gifts occasionally is okay but bombarding her with them is not cool. She’ll start to feel that you’re invading her privacy and she won’t appreciate that.  

So kindly don’t try to carry this not-so-great stunt if you want her. 

#5 Prioritizing only her: You don’t have to pretend that she’s the only one who exists for you. No! Let her know how special she is for you but also tell her, who others are really important in your life like your friends or family, just like she is. 

Show her that how you don’t have to compromise the relationship with your family and friends to be with her. 

Girls appreciate that so do balance all your relations and do not prioritize her over your other relationships. 

#6 Forcing her to tell you everythingNo matter how long you two have been talking; if she doesn’t want to share something maybe about her past or herself then don’t try to force her.  

Don’t be like “if I’m telling you everything so why you couldn’t”. This is just a jackass move. When she’ll reach the stage where she finds you comfortable enough to share that very secret thought of hers, she will. 

Till then, you could respect her and try to earn that place in her heart. 

#7 Trying to be someone who you aren’t: Never like ever try to pretend to be someone who you are not just to impress a girl. This one always backfires. She will like you for who you are. You can definitely try to make yourself better physically, emotionally but don’t address yourself as who you aren’t.  

Never lie to her and if you do too, you must know that lies can’t be concealed for long. And once she caught you, you will probably lose both her respect and friendship which will crush you more than anything. So stay true to her and be who you are. 


So you need to remember these points while trying to impress her. A decent guy is what a decent girl wants. So follow these and you will soon Lead Your Love! 

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