That awkward feeling when you like a girl who is your friend and when you finally try to confess it after facing a whole lot of struggle, you come to know that your worst fear of being friend-zoned has turned into reality.

That she is not into you or even if she is, she’s never going to accept that because she doesn’t want to ruin her friendship. And the reply just leaves you with a shattered heart.

It’s not just you; a lot of people go through this situation and can’t find out the path to get out of it.

If you’re a newbie who has fallen for her friend then you may think to ask her out but then considering your friendship and the fear of ruining that too just lead you to take a step back, right?

Well, don’t worry! Today I’m going to tell you what exactly you should and shouldn’t do if you’re struggling to be friend-zoned.

Let’s make things easier by knowing some basic things:

Never surprise her by your confession all at once. Do give her the signs that you like her beforehand so that she can either stop you or she can get some time to think whether she feels the same way about you or not.

Because once you confess, she’ll either friend zone you or will accept you, there is no in-between.

Also, if you feel that your feelings will go away then don’t try to risk your friendship. But if you really like her, and it’s a strong feeling which you aren’t able to resist, then confess it. But confess it keeping yours and hers ‘buts’ in mind.

You should know that there is a high possibility of rejection and you should be ready for how you’re going to deal with it, which is why; giving signals about your feelings beforehand helps.

If you confess to her and if she says she wants to focus on her career and is not looking for a relationship, then the choice will be yours that you want to hold onto her or want to move on and should tell her the same. But you should think about it with a clear mind and keeping your emotional stability in check. Make sure that the wait should not affect your emotional sense.

What to do after she friend zones you?

So, once you’ve confessed and if she accepts it then congratulations dude! Lead your Love with full happiness and affection.

But if she didn’t accept it, then there are some things which you need to consider:

#1 Respect her decision. If you’re her true friend, you will definitely respect whatever she’ll decide, so try to understand from her point of view too. I know it’ll be hard but forcing or manipulating her should never be your option and trust me; eventually, you will realize that she did the right thing.

#2 Take some space. You can take some space from her for a few days but don’t avoid her. Tell her politely that you need some time to be normal around her as she’s still your friend.

#3 It is not the ending. Don’t think that it’s the end of the world. You know that there is the right one there for you out there who will meet you if you learn how to lead your love.

#4 Rejections makes your stronger.  Rejection just gives you a clear vision that she was not the one and you can focus and know that you don’t have to ruin your other relationships with this person.

#5 Make an effort to get out. Being friend-zoned is not the thing which anyone wants to be a part of but you have to make an effort to get out of that state because it always means that there is something different or less that she thinks about you if you’re friend-zoned.


Try to make things normal so that she too doesn’t feel uncomfortable and you need to take care of your emotional stability too. If she’s not the one, then there’s no use to spend time holding on to her.

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