Do you need a girlfriend? And you also have some criteria for her?

So, what about your dating profile?

Is it up to the mark and do you think that is it perfect to get you the girl that you desire?

Creating a perfect and appropriate dating profile is one of the important and foremost things that you need to think about before considering dating someone.

If you’re finding a girl on a dating app or a site, you have to put some effort and spend some time on your profile. Practically, that is your first impression so it’s better to make it count.

In general, people find it hard to write their bio. What to mention, what not to mention? How much should I say, what are the perfect words? How to make my Dating profile crisp and clear that she gets attracted? If these are the question that you ask yourself while writing your dating profile, then don’t you worry. I’ve got you covered.

Keep reading and follow these useful tips to save your time in contemplating about writing your profile.

Let’s know what’s appropriate to write.

Your profile is the first thing which she sees. And if it’s not engaging enough, it’ll just take her seconds to skip it. So you have to be careful.

Before moving towards your bio, make sure that your profile picture looks decent. Don’t try to use too many filters. And avoid zoomed-in-faces profile pictures. It looks weird when the only thing visible is your face on your profile picture. You can definitely put a selfie but do keep it decent where both your face and a little upper part of your body are visible.

Next, while writing your profile, try to give details because it’s the small things that will attract her and will make her know who you are.

If you love traveling or cooking or anything which you like the most, mention it and also mention what is your recent project on it. So that she can get clarity and it will ensure that you aren’t bluffing as you’ve left some specific details in your bio.

Mention what you’re looking for in a relationship. That is, are you looking for something serious or just casual?

Mention this so that you can connect with the right girl who also wants the same thing and you can start interacting with her without wasting your time.

If you aren’t a good writer and can’t think of fancy things to write, just mention your hobbies and what you do, or things you love in the form of lists.

This will help you in describing yourself without putting in much effort. And don’t forget to mention the thing which is best about you so that it can make your profile stand out.

You can sound cheesy in your bio if that’s how you are in general. There’s nothing wrong to mention something romantic but decent. This just ensures the girl that you are someone who can make her feel loved and you aren’t afraid to open up about that.

If you use emojis, use them wisely. Emojis can change the meaning of your bio totally if you used them incorrectly. Using too many emojis is never a good idea. Try to make it attractive with your words rather than using too many emojis. It just degrades the quality of your text.

Some Don’ts that you should keep in mind to avoid.

While writing your bio, do not exaggerate or say something which you rarely do.

For example, saying yourself as a Fitness enthusiast but the truth is you haven’t worked out in weeks is the biggest mistake guys tend to make.

Mentioning the thing which you’ve once done and are no longer practicing, is just a waste of words and it can create a wrong impact on the viewer once she starts chatting and finds out about it in the middle of the conversation.

You can always update your bio, but say who you are currently.

Never mention what you aren’t looking for in a girl. For example, do not mention ‘not looking for time-pass as it might create a wrong impression on the right girl too. It spreads a negative vibe which can be the reason that the girl may skip your profile. Instead, you can mention ‘looking for long-term relationship’ in a positive sense.

Don’t hide your relationship status if you’re not single. Do mention if you have kids and you’re looking for what kind of relationship. This will give a clear vision to the girl and you’ll be able to find the right one easily.

At last, never tell everything about yourself. Remember you aren’t writing a resume but a dating profile.

Keep her curiosity alive. Telling every good and bad about you will leave her with nothing to chat about. So keep it crisp and write in a way that she wants to know more and can’t resist talking to you.


Now since you’ve got a hang of what to write and what not to on your dating profile, so what are you waiting for?

Go on, create your profile because what’s the best time to begin the search for your love than right now?

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