Virtual Dating

When the pandemic was hit on all of us, too many things were put on halt by its arrival, but some things resulted to be beneficial for many as a part of New Normal.

One among them was the trend of Virtual Dating. All the single introverts out there got a chance to impress the girl which they always wanted to through virtual mode.

And now everyone has practiced going with that flow only. Virtual dating in India has become something that is going to stick with us for a very long time. After the new normal it’s going to be a part of our initial normal too.

So let’s make sure that you don’t do it in the wrong way because it’s important that if you invest your time in someone it should be worth it!

Whether you’re trying to find someone online or if you’ve already found and have started to date them virtually, these tips will be helpful in all the scenarios.

So, take care of these things for a successful virtual date.

Your Internet Connection: First and foremost priority before going for a virtual date should be your Internet Connection. A basic, yet the most important thing to keep in mind.

No one wants to screw their virtual date just because they pick the wrong date or time when their internet is not working properly. So make sure that at least technical things go smoothly from your end.

How to dress? So I know that it’s a virtual date but it’s still a date man! You got to dress according to your date’s specifications. That is, if this is your first date then dress well to create an amazing first impression. Don’t be like you will make efforts only if you got to meet her in person.

Getting ready can enlighten the mood and bring new energy on your first date with her. It would also boost up your confidence level too so go, put those not-so-casual clothes on because it’s a not-so-casual event too

Take care of your devices beforehand: Make sure that your camera and microphone are all set properly. Don’t waste your time adjusting your camera only while she is waiting to interact with you.

Why take the chances of making things awkward when you can do them right, right!? So take care of these little things beforehand.

Try to make it Interesting: Whenever you feel like it’s now the time when you don’t have things left to talk about, you can make use of being at home and play some games. Like any game whichever she is comfortable with but don’t force her if she says no.

In that case, maybe you can close the conversation or can come up with something else to do or talk or share.

You can also try to be innovative in your ways. Like you both can order the same things to eat even sitting far away from each other. This could be something to smile upon.

Have Fun: No matter how hard you try but if any awkward moment would happen to occur then it will. But in that case, you should make sure to laugh it off together with her so that you may have some great memories of your virtual date. So, whatever happens, just have fun and be normal and yourself in front of her.

To Conclude:

Virtual Dating is so much fun and beautiful. There’s always this eagerness to meet her in person once you connect with her. There are no time restrictions generally, that is you could spend more time with her than you could in offline dating.

There’s so much that you could do to make your date a bit more special by sitting far away from each other too. It just brings this special feeling and makes a sparking connection between you two.

May you get your date real soon so that you can ask her out for a virtual date before meeting her in person just to build the excitement! What say?

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Happy Dating:)