Have you ever faced this situation with girls? You are talking to a girl about yourself.  All of a sudden, you felt like, Oh My God! what I was talking! She was not showing any interest in what I was saying.

For example, in the middle of a conversation, the girl picks up her phone and begins texting or looking away. Perhaps, she started looking away or looked down at her fingernails or something like that.

Immediately, you realized that the girl was not interested in what you had to say. You felt worthless.

When someone shows they are not interested in what you are saying, you feel less worthy or unimportant. Nothing hurts a human being more than being ignored by someone they like. I had been there, and I know exactly how it feels.

The problem is the attention span of humans is decreasing day by day. If you don’t convey that you are interested in what other person has to say, they cannot get it.

When you are with a girl or anybody, it feels good to know what you have to say relevant to them. Your interest motivates and excites them to continue talking to you.

#1 technique to engage girls in a deeper conversation :

How to talk to girls deeply

If you want to engage girls in a deeper conversation, you must let girls know that you are interested to know what girls have to say.

The next time when a girl tells you something, say this to her, “Oh, really! Tell me more”. It can be about her story, about what she does for a living, whatever she says to you, you look her in the eyes of the girl and say, “Oh really! Tell me more.”

That is it.

When you say to a girl during your talk, she gets that wow feeling.

That wow of feeling makes the girl engage in a deeper conversation. Because at the end of the day, it feels good to tell more about something he wants to hear. She will start to like you more; it will engage her in a deeper conversation.

It is subtle flirting:

We humans like this as it makes us feel good. That’s human nature. We like it when people are interested in us, when we are cared for, and when we are loved.

When you use “Oh, really! Tell me” more in a conversation with girls, you are subconsciously complementing her. It is like what you are saying is very interesting, and I am enjoying your talk. It shows your intention that you are interested to know that girl genuinely. You are communicating just that when you say, “Oh, really! Tell me more.” She will begin to think about you even when she is alone.


I want you to use “Oh, really! Tell me more” with the next girl you will talk about. If you use correctly, you will easily engage the girl in a deeper conversation. Once you guys have a great conversation, chances are you will end up getting her number. You will need to know how to attract her. Check out “How to attract girls with jokes without being a joker.”

Let me know any other ways to engage girls that you have tried from the comments section below:

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