It is terrible to miss a girl who likes you. Most guys make this mistake with shy girls. This problem happens as these guys do not know how to read the signs of a shy girl.

Hi everyone, I am Sam from In this article, I will teach you 21 subtle signs a shy girl shows if she likes you.

Not knowing these signs makes you misinterpret a shy girl’s interest as disinterest. Contrary to confident and outgoing girls, shy girls are not confident and outgoing. Thus, shy girls show their interest in you in a subtle manner.

By nature, their signals are covert, not overt. For stance, some common fears these shy girls have are going to parties, public speaking, and expressing their feelings to a guy they like.

Hence, if you know how to read and understand a shy girl’s signal, you will have many opportunities to attract them easily in your love life. You will never miss a shy girl who is interested in you with your misinterpretation.

Now, let us understand each of these signs one by one.

1. She waits around

She waits around you

If a girl is waiting around you, it is a good sign that she is into you. As she is shy, she is much concerned about other opinions about her. She does not want others, and you think wrong about her.

Therefore, she will stand somewhere at a safe distance that is neutral to judge her interest in you. Nevertheless, she will wait somewhere in your vicinity.

The sad part is most guys cannot understand these subtle signals and never begin a conversation with that her. Nevertheless, she will talk to you if you start a conversation with say Hi.

So, the next time, if you find a girl who waits or lurks around you in your vicinity more than a couple of times, I want you to approach her confidently and say Hi in a friendly tone.

2. She fidgets

she fidgets

If a girl around you is making nervous gestures or fidgeting, she likes you. When a shy girl makes efforts to control her excitement around a guy she likes, it comes out in the form of nervous gestures or fidgeting. She cannot control the behavior that happens subconsciously due to a girl’s natural biological response.

A shy girl behaves this way when she is in the presence of a guy she has a crush on. She is trying hard to hide her inner feelings; those will reflect in the form of nervous feelings or fidgeting. It is a good sign of the girl who lurks around you fidgeting.

If you approach her in a friendly conversational tone, she will talk to you. On the other hand, if you approach her as cocky, she could run away from you.

3. She adjusts her clothes

If a girl is adjusting her clothes and making efforts to look better and attractive before you, it is a good sign a shy girl likes you.

For instance, she adjusts her clothes or smoothing them, or comes hair with fingers. A shy girl who has a crush on you expresses her interest by lurking around you, making nervous gestures, fidgeting, or adjusting her clothes.

Your job is to talk to her in a friendly conversational tone and, most importantly, make sure she feels safe and relaxed. Do not be obvious or open in your intentions when you talk to her first, as this can make her more nervous.

4. Her friends talk about you

It is common for shy girls to discuss with their friends their interest in you. If her friends talk about you, it is a good sign a shy girl likes you.

For example, her friends can make comments like “Oh really!” so that you overhear those comments or smile in a way that gets your attention.

5. She spies you

She spies you

A shy girl wants to know every detail about you when she likes you. For a shy girl, it is difficult to ask you directly to know more about you. Therefore, she takes every opportunity to pay attention to your conversations.

For example, she will be somewhere in the background when you are talking with your friends, or she leans in deliberately towards you when you speak to your friends. In other words, she spies on you or eavesdrops on your conversation. Also, that, she might even ask your friends about you.

When she overhears something funny or exciting while you talk to your friends, she might smile or quietly laugh to herself. It is a good sign a shy girl likes you if she is making these signs in your presence,

6. She looks away first or always breaks eye contact first

She looks away

A shy girl always looks away first or breaks eye contact first. Because she tends to worry about many things when she is making eye contact with you.

For example, she might assume what others and you would think about her. Moreover, she does not want to get caught while looking at you. Because it can convey her interest in you, or you may judge her wrongly.

Therefore, a shy girl generally breaks eye contact before you do or look away before you do. On the other hand, a confident extrovert girl will acknowledge your eye contact with authority.

Beware this: There might also be situations where a girl who does not have an interest in, you will look away first or break eye contact. To avoid misunderstanding general disinterest with shyness, you need to consider the previous signs I taught you.

For example, the girl is breaking eye contact while she is lurking around, or she is in your vicinity, or she is blushing, and you observe several times.

7. She finds small excuses to be around with you

She finds small excuses

A girl who likes you wants to be around you, and shy girls are no exception to this. Nevertheless, the difference in expression between a shy girl and an outgoing girl is unique.

For example, an outgoing girl can express her interest in a more obvious way, like asking you to hand out with you directly or even on a date.

However, a shy girl finds ways and means to be around you without expressing her interest directly because she wants the process to happen in nature or situationally.

For example, she may ask to help her with something or offer help to you with something. She will find ways and means to be with you in a non-obvious way. However, she does not do it in a more obvious way as an outgoing girl.

8. You will catch her staring at you multiple times

A girl who is not interested in you can stare at you once by coincidence. It is a good sign a shy girl likes you if you catch a shy girl staring at you multiple times.

9. She laughs at your jokes

She laughs at you

The girl who likes you finds even silly things as funny or interesting. The shy girl laughs at your jokes silently, and she enjoys quietly.

Perhaps, any girl can love to laugh if you say anything funny or interesting. However, it is a good sign a shy girl likes you if the girl laughs at your jokes several times.

10. She is more interactive with you online than in person: or dominating digital persona:

One of the common ways a shy girl shows interest in you is through her strong digital personality. It is a good sign a shy girl likes you if a girl is more interacting with you online than in person.

For example,

She spends a lot of time online, sometimes hours and hours in texting, she sends long text messages, or she makes efforts to keep the conversation going. As she is shy, she will be more comfortable and relaxed to flirt with you online than in person.

So, it is a good sign a shy girl likes you if a girl is more interactive with you online than in person. A girl who does not interest in you never interacts with you more than a couple of minutes online because no girl wants to waste her time with someone she does not like.

11. She does mute flirting

Mute Flirting

When an outgoing is flirting with you, it is evident for anyone watching both of you. However, a shy girl neutrally flirts with you. As a result, it is ambiguous to know whether she is flirting with you or not.

This is her way of flirting with you without being obvious. For example, people around both of you are not sure whether or not she flirting with you. Suppose you ask them, 50% of them say she is flirting; the other 50% of them say, no, she is not flirting.

As she is shy, she wants to do it more safely and by making it non-obvious. If you observe muted flirting, start a friendly conversation with her, she will reply.

12. She will complain to you

A shy girl will tend to complain to you than an independent, outgoing girl. She might not do this all the time, but she will complain to you. She does complain to you as she let you lead her life and wants you to advise solutions to her problems.

For example, she will talk about the stuff that is going on in her life or complain about how certain things suck in her life. Sometimes, she will complain to you about others or situations or the environment.

13. She says yes if you ask her any favor

If you ask some favor, she says yes, and will do it sincerely. Moreover, she really does not bother when you ask.

14. Her friends will giggle

If a shy girl likes you, you will observe that one of her friends will giggle when you are around them.

For example, let us assume you are going on your way, and you happened to see the girl along with her friends. You will immediately notice her friends start giggling or poking at her or lightly punching her. This happens especially if you are in high school or college.

15. She interacts with every guy but you

She interacts with every guy but you

The girl is interacting with every guy normally except you. It could be because she has a crush on you. However, if she does this in addition to three or four other signs that I taught you previously.

Since she has a crush on you, she will be feeling nervous to talk with you. There can be various reasons why she does this. For instance, she might not know how to begin talking with you, or she might be fearing what others and you would think about her if she has started talking with you first.

If you approach her confidently and get nervous or blushes, then it is a good sign that she likes you. Say Hi, and begin a friendly conversation. This is one of the subtle signals most guys misunderstood. They assume that the girl is not interested in them, as she is not speaking with them.

As the girl is naturally shy, she cannot begin talking to you even if she likes you. She will not do it unless you first begin talking to her and make her feel comfortable. How do you think a shy girl can begin talking to you without you first talking to her? Even outgoing girls generally do not start talking first.

So, as a guy, you should begin talking to them first. Please take the opportunity and start talking with her in a friendly manner. Do it in a situational manner.

16. She often will not start the text conversation:

Generally, she does not begin texting the first time. However, if you start texting, she begins texting you as well. If the girl does not like you, she might say hi, and then she does not respond to more than one or two texts.

However, it is a good sign a shy girl likes you if she did not leave the conversation, and it continuous longer, sometimes for hours.

For example, she can ask your opinion on something like a hairstyle or dressing style. If you say some style is good, she might even buy that dress or a certain type of hairstyle is good, she changes her hairstyle to match that. This is her way of showing interest in you.

17. If you talk to a shy girl, she will talk to you:

She generally does not start the first conversation in person also. However, in the text conversation, if you begin talking first, she will speak with you.

As her nature is shy, she never begins the first conversation for various reasons that I talked about earlier in this article. However, if you start talking first, she will start talking to you for a longer period. If you notice her carefully while you talk to her, you can easily understand her interest in you.

18. She makes her social circle quiet when you around

She makes her social circle quite

It is a good sign a shy girl likes you if one of her friends or a group of her friends became quiet or calms down the moment you approach them.

Making their friends quiet, firstly, making the environment comfortable for you to talk to her and secondly makes you selector and thirdly, makes her center of attraction among the group. When you speak to her in a relaxed way before their friends, she will be complimented for that.

Unfortunately, most Indian guys don’t even dare talk to a girl when she is with her friends. So, take the opportunity and have a friendly talk.

19. Inconsistent verbal & body language

When a shy girl feels nervous, and her body language is inconsistent with spoken words, there are two reasons. The first one is she has made some mistakes, and the second one is she desires you secretly. The first one would be from a safety point of view, and the second one would be from hiding intentions from you.

For example, she might try to speak with you comfortably, but her body language shows that she is uncomfortable. This happens because she does not want you to understand that she is flirting with you.

20. Low PDA:


An ongoing girl shows her PDA (public display of affection) by touching you or hugging you, or kissing you.

Generally, a shy girl shows a very low PDA. When she shows you low PDA and other signs that I taught you in this article, it is a good sign. Do not get confused like all other guys. Go and talk to her in a friendly, conversational tone; she will become your girlfriend.

21. Her friends will guard her all the time:

You also notice that this girl is not always alone, and you see her friends come along with her mostly to assist her. It is to gauge your interest in her or to judge you.

It is a good sign a shy girl likes you if you notice most of the time that her friends accompany her, and most importantly, they giggle when you are around.


If you observe that a girl shows more than ten signs, be 100% sure a shy girl likes you. Take the opportunity and ask that girl out date in a friendly conversational tone.

Ask her out to places that are comfortable and safer to hang out. Perhaps, a coffee shop or McDonald’s or Burger King, or any public place is comfortable for her to come with you.

Thanks for reading!

Do you know any other signs that you found useful?

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