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Top 10 Love Quotes to Lead Your Love by Love Coach Sam

Love Coach Sam’s top 10 love quotes to “Lead Your Love Life.”

1. “In India, people say attraction is interim, and love is forever, but a relationship sucks once the attraction is gone.”

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2. “Attracting a woman becomes natural if you know when to approach and when to walk away.”

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3. “Love is not merely some momentary feeling. It is a way of living positively & intentionally. So, Lead Your Love”

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4. “Your nonverbal communication is what makes you good with women.”

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5. “Are you wondering the girl you have been dating is worth? … Check out her actions.”

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6. “A beautiful girl loves to have many followers but only loves a leader.”

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7. “Women want men to be emotional, but if a man shows his emotions, they call him insecure & needy. Uh! Counter-intuitive yet true.”

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8. An individual yet united persona is what makes relationships last long.

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9. A man’s purpose in life is what makes him special to a woman.

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10. Are you seeking validation for who you are? “work first on your self-esteem.”

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