How to know that you’re in a toxic relationship and ways to fix it.

Not all relationships work. It’s as simple as that and people just tend to ignore it sometimes. 

There’s no human being on this planet that hasn’t seen a rough patch in his/her relationship or not have gone through breakups.  

This is because we are never given the education of how to be the best boyfriend or best girlfriend and that’s why breakups, fights, and a little drama are all-natural and normal. 

But sometimes, when people turn all these events into nothing as if they never happened and tend to ignore them and keep on staying like that forever, then a relationship becomes toxic.  

And once you start living in a toxic environment, it just breaks you down both physically and mentally. And there’s no greater torture than living where you know you’re getting broken down and cannot stay happy at all like that. 

Almost everyone in their life meets someone who has been in a toxic relationship because sometimes people feel to live in that way instead of living without that person. Well, that is called the toxic part and the result of the toxicity. 

Sometimes a person might be too afraid to let go of their partner that they make it difficult for their own.  

Let’s see what the different scenarios are where you should know that the relationship is getting toxic and what you need to do to fix it before it gets too late. 

#1 Trust Issues: A good-going relationship will never have trust issues, remember that.  

If your partner has started asking you way too many questions, or if you start realizing that she ain’t trusting you like how she used to do, then man there’s the signal. 

You got to communicate before it’s too late. Sometimes, people just make scenarios in their head by just observing your two to three moves and never try to talk it out which worsens the situation almost every time. 

Trust Issues are something that once gets into a person’s head only gets out after ruining the relationship, if not fixed at the very beginning. 

So what you can do? 

Communicate with your partner. When you start realizing that he/she is doubting you for almost every single thing and trying to keep an eye on you or invading your privacy then you must know that he/she is having trust issues. 

In that scenario, sit and talk and try to reach the root of the problem that is making him/her think like this. Make your partner know that you’re just into him/her and there’s no need to worry about anything and that the relationship might get worse if you’ll continue to have so.  

#2 Dishonesty: Honesty is everything. Trust only comes in a relationship when you’re both honest to each other. 

Dishonesty is something that can slowly make you the reason to destroy your relationship if you aren’t honest to your partner or vice versa. 

Staying true in a relationship is the core reason for all long-time relationships. You have to make sure that you don’t give any reason to build true issues by being dishonest to them. 

And how can you fix this? Just don’t lie! Simple! Don’t hide anything from your partner and everything will be sorted. 

#3 Arrogant behavior: Being arrogant can make everything worse. You could know that you’re being arrogant if you aren’t talking to your partner politely or if you’re being ignorant and just harsh to them. 

No matter if you’re being that way due to stress or too much workload or for some other reason; you just can’t let it out on your partner. 

Relationships don’t work if you don’t tell your partner why you’re being that way and just expect them to understand and bear your arrogance. That’s nothing but toxicity. 

So if you’re being like that way or your partner being that way then without any delay and being further arrogant, just sit with your partner and talk to them (or hear them out in their case) and resolve what is making you or her that way before it gets too toxic and ruins everything. 

#4 Not being supportive: Being supportive is highly necessary for any relationship. 

If you’re not being supportive to your partner or vice versa, then chances are that you might make your relationship toxic.  

How? Let me tell you. 

Other than trust and being honest to each other, relationships also work on being supportive to each other. 

When you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s but natural to expect love, kindness, and support from your partner. It’s your partner who you trust the most, which encourages you, boosts you up, and be there for you. 

And when you or your partner stops being supportive, stops taking care of each other, it just feels like a wastage of time to stay in the relationship where there is no meaning left to it. 

And slowly-slowly, the communication gap gets increased and things start to become toxic. 

So if you’re committed to anyone, make sure that you’re being supportive to your partner because that’s what a relationship is for. 

#5 Too often Blame Games: Well, blame games are another thing that won’t keep your relationship good for too long. 

Fights in every relationship are normal, but when people turn them into blame game fights then, in no much time you will find yourself in a toxic relationship from where you would want to get out soon. 

Blaming anyone without knowing is bad and when it comes to your partner, it’s just worse. 

You may blame your partner for something she didn’t do and later you realized that you were wrong. But you know what, that realization will have no value because you already had hurt her and some things you just can never undo. 

So always, I repeat always think thrice before putting a blame on your partner, because blames just leave holes in a person’s heart making them realize that you don’t trust them anymore. 

#6 Too much Stress: If you’re getting too much stress from a relationship or if it’s happening with your partner, just know that things aren’t going well. 

Relationships are not meant to give stress, they are known to provide and bring happiness in a person’s life and if your relationship is not giving you anything other than stress and anxiety then you’re not at the right place. 

If you know the reasons that are giving you stress in the relationship, and if you think that maybe communication or some space can make things work, then you should definitely try to fix it. 

#7 Need of proving yourselves: If you have to constantly prove yourselves in the relationship to your partner, then do you think that are you with the right person? 

When your partner demands that you start proving yourselves at every single thing, that directly means that he/she doesn’t trust you and where there’s no trust, there are too many doubts, and where there are doubts, it’s better to get out of it if the person refuses to understand you. 

Final thoughts 

Toxic relationships not only ruin the relationships but also the people involved in them. It can traumatize the person emotionally and deeply.  

You can get out of the relationship but it’s hard to get the memories of it out of your head.  

So when you feel that you can see the signs of the toxic relationship, either find a way and know whether you can fix it or not, or if you can’t fix it, then just get out of it before it harasses you deep enough. 

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