How to ask a beautiful woman out on a date

For most men asking a woman out on a date seems quite challenging as it brings out unknown fears. Every man might have gone through this stage at least once in a lifetime and I’m not an exception to this as well. I did feel many times. In this article, I am going to teach you ” How To Ask A Beautiful Woman Out On A Date “.

You might have already met the woman of your dreams or got her phone number. Now you are wondering how to ask a beautiful woman out on a date.

How To Ask A Beautiful Woman Out On A Date

If you ask a woman out on a date whether she will accept or not will depend on the following things that we will discuss in a moment.

For now, let me ask you, are you getting answers from women when you ask them out just like below?

Oh nice, but I am busy, but I’ll give you a call.

Oh so nice of you but already have a boyfriend.

So nice but I’m sorry I’m not really dating anyone right now!

And so on.

You need to understand that you did not pass her tests or she might have put you in nice needy guys list. According to women, these guys are not worth spending their time or do not get real value from them or not fun and cheerful to be around (I do not mean a clown here).

So, women put you under nice, needy, desperate, predictable and boring man category that wastes their time and So, they never want.

We men often follow mainstream advice behave so nice and politely with women.  Unfortunately, we communicate that we are needy and desperate and approval seeking guys at an unconscious level. The irony is that our niceness will be seen sometimes as manipulation.

We might not have had any bad intention but our niceness and over politeness makes women think we are nice and over-polite because we want to have sex with them. So, stop that nice needy approval seeking behavior immediately.

Beautiful women are always approached by many men in many ways. If you come across as lame, needy like everyone in the crowd who are approaching her all the time she will avoid you. Maintain confidence and composure and behave like a mature masculine man who knows his path and purpose in life.

Body Language

Body Language

Project right body language. You need to focus on your body language is and how she is communicating with her body as well. When you ask a woman out she checks your body language before she decides whether to say yes or no. If she says a project like a needy desperate guy like an approval-seeking guy she will reject.


Confidence is all in the sound of your voice. A good vocal projection makes you sound confident naturally. If you ask in a crackling or high pitch tone, you are subconsciously communicating her that you are nervous around her or disparate. It is not a good thing.

So when it comes to the attraction you’re certainty and confidence are two important factors. No one wants to spend time with someone who is not sure of himself. I do not need to say again, the first impression is the best. So make it work for you.

So your success depends on how you communicate your value to her in an unpredictable way, that you are the “one in a million guys” by projecting right body language, vocal projection, zero neediness and spontaneous, mysterious and fun cheerful guy.

How Can You Do This?

Here Ultimate Secret Weapon

You can use each time that communicates that you are spontaneous, mysterious and one in a million guys who do not need anybody’s approval for leading a better life.

Practically speaking if you ask a woman out you have already given up your power to her and she took it granted. That means now you have to depend on her answer (the outcome you are expecting) on which you have no control. Instead, if you keep your invitation in the form of an assertive statement, you keep your power balanced and lead the things.

Here is how I will tell you. Indicate you already have an established great social life and you are a high status and high-value man who lead the things better in life.

Convey in your invitation that you would like to include them in the active social life that you have already rather than conveying that you have no life and would like to create life with them. If you convey that you have an active social life with women, it creates positive feelings in them and put them at ease. If you convey that, you do not have a social life that it will give a negative feeling.