Ever wonder how easy it is to attract women if you have that six-pack body, those extra few inches of height, and million-dollar income? Well, these are the biggest myths men have about women.

Forget all of those myths and learn secrets to attract women without any of those things because I will bust your myths about women.

1. Women want only men who are tall, good looking:

Most men think women love men who are tall and good looking. Society continues to make men believe this. But this is one of the biggest myths most men have.

What matters to a woman is the man who makes her feel right and makes her feel valued.

Being handsome and having a few more inches of height can be an added advantage, but that does not automatically attract the women.

What is more attractive to a woman is a man’s ability to lead, confidence, manners, and being gentle in situations and giving importance to her and unpredictably romancing her.

2. Women want only men with money:

Women want only men with money is the second biggest myth most men have, and instead, I can say the number one complaint most men have.

Be realistic, guys. Of course! There is some percentage of gold diggers, and they are only interested in your materialistic things.

But many women contribute to your life in some way or another. For instance, she pushes you towards something that makes you a better man or makes a relationship growing. When you see her contribution to the relation, embrace it. These contributions mean that she is interested in you and investing in you to make you a better man, which is a desirable thing in a relationship.

A woman needs to feel secure and safe in the relationship. If she feels those emotions, she does her part.

As a man, it is okay to take care of her finance.

The internal communication is that, hey, “you do not need to bother about your financial expenses or your safety, security, and well-being when you are with me.”

When you take care of her financial expenses, it conveys more about your masculinity than having a million-dollar income but being meager.

But you do not have to be a millionaire to do that. Ensure that you take care of her expenses, especially when she is with you.

3. Women do not like men approaching them.

The reality is woman loves men who approach them, make them comfortable, feel secure, and feel valued. But apparently, don’t like men who make them feel uncomfortable, insecure, and threatened.

The art of approaching women comes the deal. So it is all about how you approach women.

So a woman does not want to be approached only as a myth.

4. Women don’t like sex

Men generally have a 60% high sex drive than women. Studies have shown women between the ages of 27 to 40 have a higher sex drive than men.

What is missing is most men try to be aggressive only with their original approach. Women want to connect with a man before opening up their sex drive emotionally. Those men know how to communicate with a woman emotionally get it; those don’t suck at it.

So take care of the emotional side before advancing the sex.

5. Women are high maintenance, and men have to do all the things:

What you need to understand are these days, women are equally engaged in better careers.

So you don’t need to put all the effort. While you date a woman, you both should be investing in each other.

Most women these days don’t expect you to do all the things.

It is only a myth.

Let me know if you know any other myths from the comment section below.

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