Love, lust, and confusion: This is the state of mind for most single guys in India. Some want love; some have lust. People differentiate and judge based on the words (love or lust) you use. Don’t worry. That’s is their hypocrisy.

People define the two differently. The first is sacred, and the second is materialistic. Society has created this distinction to exploit you to the maximum possible effect.

People say Love is right and faithful, and lust is terrible and fake.

What they do not know is both have each other. Love without lust is boring; lust without love is momentary.

In life, you have only two emotions. One is love, and the other is fear. Either you are lead by fear or lead your love.

“Love has lust in it; lust has love in it.”

Love has all the good things in it: You love someone because you like them; you want them, you desire them; you have a lust for them. By the way, Lust also means desire or passion.

Fear has all bad things: You hate someone because you fear them, you fight with someone because you fear losing something. A nation invades another because of fear, not of love.

But why is the confusion? If you have a lust for someone and he or she feels the same way. What is the fucking problem society has?

There are only two emotions; love & fear.

Have love, lust but not fear.

Lack of clarity creates this confusion; when you are not clear on what you want to do, confusion arises. Everyone in society wants you to be in that confused state of mind to control you better.

Society wants you to be in a state of “Love, lust, and confusion.”

To lead your love and life, you have to be in a state of “Love, lust, and clarity.”

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