Hi there, have you ever thought about how good would it be if your dream girl proposed to you? Many single guys, especially Indian guys, wish that their dream girl should propose to them and fantasize about it all the time. Perhaps you thought she would have been proposed to you if you were a bit tall, or have those extra inches, or six-pack physique, or luxury car, or a dream career, etc.

Now stop all those fantasies and welcome to the real world! In this article, I will teach you 12 essential tips that will make your dream girl propose to you even though you do not have all of those.

Perhaps you should have heard some of those before, but did you get the hang of it? The #1 mistake every guy makes is to understand these tips from the perspective of mainstream society. Now understand each of these in-depth from the Indian Love Coach.

#1 Be yourself:


Be yourself. Perhaps you have heard this many times from mainstream (friends, parents, society in general, and Bollywood or Hollywood movies). Especially, girls give this advice many times. Be yourself; just be yourself. Girls will love you for who are etc.

When you take this idea of being yourself and implement it in a literal sense, you will fail every time. Here is why? You do the exact things that brought you to failure with girls again and again.

For instance, let us assume; now you are a guy who doesn’t have success with the girls or a guy who doesn’t know how to attract the girls. You have no clue what attracts a girl and what kind of behavior makes a girl attracted to you.

What results will be when you start practicing the “Be yourself concept”? The same as what you are having right now.

You do not have success with girls. You do not know how to attract the girl. When you try being yourself, it means being a loser with them. Therefore, you should never take this advice from the mainstream.

Be your best self

Themost important lesson I teach here is “be the best version you can be”

For instance, if you do not know how to interact with girls in general, you must learn how to communicate and attract girls to become better at it.

In my view, being yourself means being the best version of yourself so that you will get the best things that you deserve in life.

If you dress shabbily and do not know the current style or what colors match your skin, you need to know how to make yourself stylish. Likewise, if you do not know how to talk to the girls, being yourself does not help you.

You need to understand this better to attract the girl you desire. Do not take it in a literal sense and become your best version you can be. When you become the best of yourself, you appear unique to the people and the girl.

#2 Peruse your passion:


Be yourself does not mean that you do not copy others or stop learning from others to become the best.

It would help if you learned from others who are good at that when you lack something. You cannot say I will be myself, and I do not need to learn anything from or copy others. But there is a wrong way and a right way to do it.

Let us assume the girl you want to love martial arts. Whereas you do not like martial arts, but you love music.

Commonly girls like chivalrous guys.

If you try to learn martial arts to impress this girl without any interest in that, you are doing self-deception. You will soon be frustrated because you cannot become good at something you are not passionate about.

Never do it for the sake of the girl if you do not like it. It is wrong to learn things.

The right way to learn things is perusing your passion. For example, if you are good at music, or playing guitar or singing songs, pursue that interest.

You should pursue any activity that you love enjoying while you do it. If you become more attractive to the girls when you do something you are good at rather than doing something you are not interested in.

So, understanding this concept in its literal sense is the biggest mistake most guys make. Now I hope you have clarity in this.

Therefore, you understand this better to become the best you can be in which you genuinely like.

#3 Her perception is reality:

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But you can create the impression.

You also heard many times girls say I like the guy with a good personality. Again, when we talk of the personality, you need to understand the character built based on behavioral qualities. Girls do not mean your physical characteristics, as told by mainstream advice.

Mainstream advice made us understand this critical aspect in totally a wrong way.

So now, let us take an example to make you understand better.

Assume two guys: one guy is handsome (good looking, good career or with some luxury car or 6 feet tall, etc.), and another guy is ordinary (average height with average looks and average career).

When a beautiful girl asked, whom you will choose to date, she rates the attractive guy over the ordinary guy. It is obvious, but here is a catch.

Her opinion changes after she begins to perceive their real personalities.

The perception she made about an attractive guy earlier can change after she begins interacting with him. If the girl forms a negative perception, his physical attractiveness has less influence.

The attractive guy is arrogant, insensitive to others, or doesn’t know how to speak with the girls, or don’t know how to behave appropriately in social situations. He is entirely a moody guy too serious, for instance.

On the other hand, if the girl forms a positive perception, his ordinary looks similarly have less influence.

The ordinary-looking guy is good at interacting with girls or behaves well in social situations, smart and confident enough to communicate with the girls, or jovial. Most importantly, he knows how to make the girls like him with his personality, for instance.

The most important lesson here to attract girls is—your attractive personality is vital, not physical attractiveness with a dumb personality.

So, use your attractive character to attract the girls, not the boring or arrogant one. The perception you create in her mind is a reality.

#4 Tell me about yourself:


Some guys know more about a girl when they are interested in a girl. But not knowing just for the sake of knowing in a needy, insecure way. They are genuinely interested in knowing her likes and dislikes.

It is not easy to impress someone when you do not know anything about them, especially girls. When you do not have much interaction with the girl, it would not be easy to impress her.

Do your research online. A girl’s social media activities and status updates are excellent sources to know about her likes and dislikes. Yet do not do it in a way that the girl knows.

Another best way to do this is to connect with her friends, which leads to my next point.

#5 Her friend circle:

Interact with her friends, connect with them, and then make them your friends. This way, you will have many opportunities to know about the girl and understand her. The best way to do this is to find an activity she likes and engage in that activity.

Be it dancing, singing, or any other activity; you should also join her in that activity, whether it is your favorite or not.

You will have many better opportunities to connect with her—the enjoinment is warm and friendly, and it is easy to build rapport with her and her friends.

Therefore, you will get to know about her more—she wants a list in a boyfriend or her relationship history without asking her or her friends.

#6 Spend time alone:

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Spend time alone with her. It will help you to have more personal conversations. If you talk only when her friends are present, she will not open up, and you will not know her personality.

So, take every opportunity to spend time with her alone. It is, however, does not mean you should do the most obvious way. Do it situationally.

#7 Win her trust:


No girl is going to like you or propose to you if she does not trust you. The most important quality you need to have is credibility. If you are not credible or trustable, it is quite difficult for any girl to like you or proposes to you.

There is a saying, “it takes years to build your credibility and a split second to last all.”

People judge your credibility based on small things that you regularly do.

For instance, when a girl trusts you, she will tell you about her things, whether about her family or any issue or her wish to getting physical with you or anything for that matter. She expects you that should not to disclose those to anybody, especially your male friends.

You discuss her things with your male friends to get your male ego-boosting; you make a stupid mistake. If she comes to know this, she will never trust you again. You will lose your respect as a man and your credibility.

Beware of this critical aspect. Many small things that you do daily can build or break the trust.

#8 Sense of humor:


The sense of humor. Oh! I love guys with a good sense of humor. Yep, you have heard this many times while girls were saying it.

Who does not want a guy with a good sense of humor? No one. Even your male friends want to hang out with a guy who is good at amusing them.

However, in the context of attracting girls, you need to make girls laugh without you being a joker. Therefore, your sense of humor should make her smile without compromising your self-respect.

Most guys try to make a girl entertained at the cost of being a joker. And this is a big mistake. You never do that.

It is, however, does not mean to be serious all the time.

If you are too focused on your career and are not available to spend time with girls, you will fail in love. Society conditioned many guys to be only career-centric. However, it makes them always think and live in the future, and then they end up missing present moments to make their love lives miserable.

Of course, I was no exception, I had been there, and I know how it feels.

Have fun in life and enjoy both your career and love. Do not sacrifice one for another!

#9 Be serious:

Oh no! Earlier, you talked about using a sense of humor. Now you are telling me to be serious. Wait!

What I mean is you should also know when to be serious and when to jovial.

Be jovial in a wrong situation or context; you will be judged as a##hole!

Suppose the girl has some severe issues at home, her parents have scolded her, some of her family members are having health problems, or she is talking about her career aspirations. Will it be okay to use a sense of humor?

The girl says, what stupid you are. Anyone thinks that you are a jerk or foolish person. Therefore, please do not use a sense of humor when the situation is inappropriate.

Know when to be serious and when to jovial.

#10 Be smart:

If you act on the earlier steps, chances are she will be thinking of considering you as her boyfriend or even her potential husband.

A girl wants her boyfriend to be smart. She wants you to behave smartly in different situations.

Most guys behave oddly when facing difficult situations—they were not matured to understand female psychology and still live with the boyish mentality.

If you behave like one of them, you will appear as the incompetent guy to her. Therefore, deal smartly with all the situations that you face.

Let us look from a girl’s perspective—she wants to know all of her friends or family members that her boyfriend is a smart, intelligent guy. It is, however, not necessary for him to be physically attractive like a movie star.

She wants her boyfriend as a smart, intelligent guy when it comes to behaving in various situations. Remember this! You are not a small baby boy—you are a man. Your job is to be smart enough to lead things.

#11 Critical thinking:

Think critically! One of the common misconceptions most guys have is love and relationships—love happens automatically.

Social conditioning made them think things happen automatically in love. They fantasize that love happens automatically with their dream girl when the right time comes.

But the fact is many activities in the process of love has to be done intentionally. That is why you have to lead your love.

Whether you believe it or not, a girl judges you from the moment you both make eye contact. She does critical thinking about you in various aspects and then keeps testing you till she satisfies.

However, guys do not even think when it comes to love; they say I like from the heart, or I love her truly and B.S.

If you do not do critical thinking, the girl does on you. She either will misjudge or exploit you. Therefore, you will fail her tests.

The social conditioning through Bollywood and Hollywood movies has formed these misconceptions in us.

The hero sees a girl, for instance. He then starts pursuing her badly and begins saying things like—I love you, I fell in love with you, and you are the one for me, and I happened to realize the moment I saw you. Guess what! The girl accepts his love.

But in real life, the girls say B.S.

A girl cannot judge if you are indeed a good guy or loves her until she begins to know.

Have a different strategy than the rest of the guys. You are critical thinking skills are your core skills that make a stand out from the crowd.

If you say to a girl that you love her from the bottom of the heart, it will not be attractive because you are just pursuing the girl. You are not doing any constructive thinking that will end up as trouble later for both of you.

There will be situations where the girl is not good at making decisions; you need to show her the correct direction like a leader.

Develop critical thinking. Stop thinking with the heart because the heart does not do the act of thinking as per science.

#12 Be popular:

Every girl wants a famous guy. It does not mean that you have to be a movie star, a rock star, or some champion.

It, however, means being popular among your social circle and in your environment.

For instance, it is easy to follow tip#2. It is crucial. Go back and check again.

When you pursue an activity that you enjoy, you will become good at it. Pursue your passion, and it makes you popular enough in your environment.

It means to be popular—known among peers, good at what you do, being friendly, and approachable.

Be popular does not mean that you need to compare it with others.


If you apply these tips correctly, chances are 99% of the time; the girl will propose to you.

She might not say I love you directly, as shown in the movies. She does not need to say I love you, or you have to say I love you. Those words make no sense once she is attracted to you.

She will show all indications of interest in you and want you to her boyfriend.

Some indications are, hey, You know what! “Some of my friends are saying, we are in a relationship, or we are dating or in love.”

No surprise! If she proposes to you because you got it what it takes to attract her.

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Thank you very much for reading!

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