You know what! if you ask a girl the most attractive quality in a guy, she says, “sense of humor.” Also, many people have told you many times that “if you are good at making a girl laugh, she will fall in love with you.” It is half right and half wrong.

But the sad fact is…many guys even become jokers to make girls laugh by believing this idea. Perhaps they do not know that girls like the jokes and entertainment of jokers, but girls don’t get attracted to jokers.

This article will tell you the right way to attract a girl with jokes without you being a joker.

Why is laughter important in attracting a girl?

First, let us understand why laughter is important in attracting a girl. Because laughter easily bonds people. When you make a girl laugh at your company, she will enjoy your company, and she will be relaxed while she is talking to you.

If you can make girls laugh, you will have many chances to attract girls than those who do not know how to do it. Without a second thought, a sense of humor is important in attracting and dating girls. But you can make a girl in a wrong way and a right way.

Wrong to make a girl laugh:

Why laughter is important to attract girls

The wrong to make a girl laugh is by being a comedian, a joker, or even a fool. Of course, this is what exactly many guys do. They get this mainstream advice… if you can make a girl laugh, she will love you”.

Girls do laugh at jokes played by a joker or a comedian or even a fool. But do they love them sexually? They will not!

Because these guys can make a girl laugh, but they cannot build an ounce of sexual tension in her. Yet millions of guys make this stupid mistake while trying to attract a girl. I did not mean that you should not tell jokes to conquer a girl.

You can very much crack jokes, but the only rule of thumb is without you being a joker in the art of seduction. Yet many guys make it too hard to make a girl laugh and then come across as needy, desperate. They will even become jokers.

The right way to make a girl laugh:

Get into her circles

The right way to make a girl laugh and get excited with you is by taking the alpha and superior man role. You will crack jokes at her, yet she will laugh at those jokes. She will be excited to listen more. In the process, you will earn more respect rather than losing like a joker.

To do that, your jokes should seem natural and situational. Behave like a person who is in a good mood and playful.

When you use a sense of humor in the right frame, you project yourself as an attractive man. Even if your jokes are silly, girls laugh at your jokes and are excited to be around you.


When your sense of humor appear natural but not a product of deliberate effort, you will have mastered this art.  Then girls will not only laugh at your jokes but also get excited to be with you. Thus you can make a girl feel relaxed and happy and, most importantly, make your girlfriend.

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