In this article, I am going to tell you, how you can create sexual tension in girls and get out of the friend zone forever. Have you ever wondered, why don’t girls sexually desire guys that they have friend-zoned?

Why nice guys will end up in the friend zone

Firstly, it is what these guys actually wanted in the first place. These guys behave as if they want to be her friend.

For example, when they approach a girl, whenever they interact with her, they behave as if they want to be her friend.

Secondly, these guys remain sexually neutral in every interaction with a girl. So, she will not have a clue about their desire until they explode with a love proposal. Therefore, nice guys will end up in the friend zone.

Have Polarity:

How to create sexual tension in a girl 2

If you want a girl to desire you sexually, you need to create sexual tension in girls or polarity. Polarity means having opposite or contradictory tendencies in genders. Alpha guys or bad boys are good at displaying this. As a result, girls are attracted to these alphas naturally.

To create sexual tension in girls, you need to highlight sex differences in both genders. But nice guys never do that. Therefore, they end up in the friend-zoned all the time.

Be a selector:

Now let us understand a guy who drives girls crazy with lust. He is that bad boy. Girls sexually desire him. He is that alpha guy and he easily creates sexual tension in girls.

So, you have to create tension like an Alpha guy does if you want girls to sexually desire you.

Let us have a look at what he does right. Alpha guy interacts with a girl as if she is desirable. He does not hide intentions behind false friendship. Most importantly, he makes the girl think he is the deal. He creates polarity at a subconscious level that drives the girl wild.

If you want to create sexual tension in girls that makes like you more, you have to act as the selector.  For example, you have to judge playfully whether the girl meets your standard rather than chasing her.

Be masculine and assume authority and approve or disapprove of the girl’s behavior in all interactions. For instance, you accuse her playfully in everything she does as if trying to seduce you. Behave as if she is one of the many girls “hitting” on you. A fun teases her.


In conclusion, when you show polarity, be a selector, playful, and assume a masculine role in the right frame, that behavior intensifies a girl’s sexual desire in you naturally. Because you assume a masculine role and she assumes the feminine role naturally.

Nice guys never express their sexuality in the right frame and remain sexually neutral in every interaction with girls. Therefore, they end up in the friend zone.

So, have polarity in your interactions and most importantly, assume the role of a masculine man, you will create sexual tension in girls naturally. Certainly, you will never end up in her friend zone again.

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