In this article, I am going to teach you the Five things women hate in Indian men. A woman can like everything about you, but she will hate you if you make these mistakes or even one of these mistakes.

Every man wants to know all the possible ways to keep a woman interested in him all the time. Nevertheless, often men end up committing many silly mistakes without even realizing them.

Is it possible to know exactly what kills attraction and interest for the women and avoid all these mistakes?

A few things really annoy single attractive women.  These will literally break your deal because these are instant interest killers.

Five things women hate in Indian  men:

  1. Neediness
  2. Insecurity
  3. Approval-seeking
  4. Complaining
  5. Indecisiveness

Being Desperate:

Psychologically speaking, if you are clinging to another person, he or she resents you because you were unconsciously displaying to them that they are expecting something from them to fulfill your unfulfilled needs.

In the case of women, they assume your unfulfilled need as having sex with them.

They unconsciously think that you are nice to impress them and desperate to have sex.

For Instance, you will appear desperate if you ask them the following questions.
Am I your type?   
Can I be your boyfriend?
 Do you like me?
Do you think that I am interesting?
Can I get your phone number?
Will you call me once you go home?
Women hate this stuff. These types of questions display big signs of neediness. ‘

Things Woman hate in Men


An insecure man is what women cannot standoff.

If a man projects insecurity, that is the worst thing; anybody can watch. A woman will try to get rid of you at all costs if you appear insecure. A woman cannot feel secure and safe with an insecure person against her biological and psychological needs.

If you are insecure, you will lose her for sure. Then she will think that you are highly uncertain about life. She will never respect you ever again in life.

Approval seeking:

You might be thinking you are nice to her, but you are displaying her unconsciously, your approval-seeking guy.

If you behave like a nice guy who seeks approval for everything, you’re projecting yourself as an approval-seeking guy. The behavior projects that you need the approval to do anything, and women hate it.

Why women say they want a nice man but actually sick of them when men behave nicely.

The reason behind this is you are unconsciously conveying to her that I am willing to give away my status if you like me. I will do anything to please you. I will let you control my life and make decisions if you give me your attention and approval.

Consciously, you do not think that you’re doing, but unconsciously you’re displaying approval seeking.
However, the problem is that women do not want you to give up your status and masculinity; they want you to be a man.

So, never behave like an approval-seeking guy to approach you women or to ask her out.

If women sense this kind of behavior, she will try to avoid you.

Remember, women do not want a man whom they can control.
Women secretly hate if you do something that conveys, you will give away your status and power to get her attention and approval.

So, stop behaving like an approval-seeking guy.


Who will complain?
Have you asked this question?

I will tell you.

Women literally hate men who complain, whether it is about the job, about ex-girlfriends, or circumstances.

Have you ever interacted with the people who hate their jobs?

How much happiness will it be to associate these people?

How much time did you really want to spend with them?

If you are always complaining about your job or your boss or the people you work with or about your ex-girlfriend are the circumstances you are in, you are projecting yourself as a negative person.

Unconsciously you are projecting yourself as a loser.

No matter how bad your current situations or circumstances and how bad your past relationships were, you don’t need to tell them to women.

Let me ask you one thing.

If you are an attractive single woman, will you date a man who is a complainer and loser?

Alternatively, will you choose a leader?

Actually, a dependent boy, a negative person, or a loser only complaint in life.

So, stop complaining about women’s circumstances and your life in general.
Take action and lead your love.


Women of value are looking for confidence and leaders.

Women always find men who are leaders as attractive. If you are indecisiveness and procrastinate, expecting others to make decisions for you, unconsciously displays the signs that you are not confident and lack certainty in life.

If you have fallen into the habit of indecisiveness in any area of your life, you need to change that habit.
Start making decisions in all the small things in your day-to-day life, whether they are right or wrong.
Over a period, you will become good at making decisions and take things in control.


  • Stop being needy and insecure,
  • being predictable
  • Never behave like an approval-seeking guy; never complain about the things
  • Never show that you are indecisive and making decisions.

Women literally hate these qualities in men.

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