11 ways of how to be super charming and attractive around your crush

Want to impress her?

Is she noticing you though?

Want to be attractive around her?

But don’t know How to?

You have landed on the right page then. I’m Love Coach Sam and I will provide answers to all your questions on how to behave and be charming around your crush so that she notices you and likes you.

For men whose crush does not even know that you’re crushing on her or for men whose crush knows about you but still she chooses to ignore you; keep reading. This blog will be helpful for both categories of people.

Now, girls tend to study guys first before saying yes to their proposal if the guy is new to them. In those cases especially, you have to make sure that you appear to be charming around them.

How to do so?

# Dress well when you expect her to meet. So you’re going out with say your friends or anyone else and somehow get the feeling that you can walk into her, so dress neatly.

Although it’s not your date with her, still the way you style yourself will create an impression on her. So that needs to be taken care of right!?

# Be You. Remember that you don’t make the mistake of bragging a lot about yourself or pretending to be someone you aren’t. This could lessen your chances to impress her as most girls hate bragging.

Introduce yourself as who you are. She must know the genuine you, the real you.

# Talk to her confidently Confidence is the key aspect to impress her. Your body language will showcase your confidence, so take care of that.

You can be shy but not too shy that you just don’t face her or make her feel uncomfortable to be around you.

# Keep the eye contact intact. Whenever you meet her or greet her, keep eye contact. It will ensure that you want to talk to her, to know her.

But don’t just continuously stare at her and declare yourself a creep. Look into her eyes, when you talk to her and when she talks to you.

# Compliment herIf you know her and are meeting her be it alone or with a group of people, compliment her. Not every time, but yes do it. You can also do so in your random conversations on social media.

# Try to meet her subtly. Try to know the places where she hangs out or visits the most through your friends or other sources, and start hanging out there.

No, not like every time; it can give her the signal that you’re following her. Do it in a subtle way. Visit there some times that too with your friends.

# Your relationship status should be clear There should be no confusion in her mind regarding your relationship status. It’s your job that she knows that you’re single. Until and unless this thing fits in her mind, how will she recognize your efforts? 

# Find out her interests. Find out what she likes, what she doesn’t. Her interests, her hobbies. This might help you to know her better in person and it would get easier for you to impress her.

# Show her you’re interestedSometimes guys do this thing where they like the girl, but never show her or tell her about their feelings neither directly nor indirectly. Well if you want to date her, you have to show her that you’re interested.

Remember Miracles don’t happen! You have to make efforts. 

# Don’t get too excited. Now, I know that you like her and you want to impress her, but that doesn’t mean that you get too excited every time you see her or meet her.

Keep your emotions under control. Even don’t get too excited while replying to her texts. Take some time and reply. Give her also the chance to know that she likes you too. 

# Ask her out. And finally, now that you know that your part of putting efforts has to turn out to be successful, it’s time to ask her out.

You will know when she will start showing interest in you, and you will know the moment when it’ll be the right time to ask her out.

So don’t worry. Your efforts will give you good results. Just Don’t Give up!

For more such tips and to fasten up the process of impressing your crush, you can check out my book Lead Your Love on Amazon.