Best ways to take the first step and approach her

It all starts with approaching. 

We all know that approaching women is one of the most salient steps to begin something new. But do you know how to approach her in the right way so that she gets attracted to you? 

Yes, there’s a right way for everything.  

Did you ever think of why majority of men tend to face rejections? The most common reason is that they always do the beginning wrong. Making the first step right is highly crucial as it tells maximum things about you and your personality. 

There are also cases where men don’t even go and try to approach their crush. Well, you have to at least carry the courage and make up your mind to approach her and begin the conversation before learning the right ways. 

Now sometimes men confuse approaching with asking out. So let’s first clear what’s approaching and why not approaching is a bad idea. 

What is approaching exactly and what if I don’t approach? 

The foremost thing to keep in mind is Approaching woman does not mean asking her out.  

The word approach means to go near to someone or closer to someone and speak to them for the first time.  

In the same way, approaching women is not much of a task but is to only go nearer to her in space, time, or quality. It is to make her feel comfortable by approaching her at the right time and with the right quality of actions. 

Now, what if you just chose to stare and admire your crush without daring to approach her? 

  • Well for starters you won’t have much choice in women. 
  • You won’t be able to build confidence around girls. 
  • There will be no sexual satisfaction which will leave you just being vulnerable. 
  • Your social strata will be affected a lot. At one point, you will be the one with zero social status. 
  • Not approaching her will make you seem like an under-confident and a loser type of guy. Yes, you can’t address yourself as shy because shy people make efforts in their own ways. 
  • In the worstcase scenario, you will have to see your crush or the girl you like so much, with someone else who will crush you if you don’t even try to approach her. 
  • You won’t be able to choose your life partner and the woman of your dreams if you don’t start here. 
  • You will end up with someone whom you might not even like but again you won’t have much say on that because you never tried to before. 

So you see, there are a lot of things which you will face if you don’t make your first move. And these can’t be neglected. It can affect a person inside-out.  

So don’t just stare or stalk her. Go to her, talk and start building a relationship.  

Now How? Let’s get to that! 

How to approach women? 

Since now you know exactly what does approaching her mean and what are the consequences if you don’t approach her i.e. how important it is to make the first move if you like someone. So let’s now look into, what are the right ways to approach and impress her!? 

But, before moving towards the methods of approach let’s look into one more myth that men believe a lot. 

Most men think that their color, looks, physique, and financial status decide whether they are eligible to approach beautiful women or not. Well, to be crisp and clear; that is Not at all True! 

You can approach any girl you like irrespective of any factors that you are insecure about if you approach her in the right ways. 

Now, let’s talk about the most effective styles of approaching. There are numerous styles through which you can approach and impress the girl you like, but the ones which are mentioned below are affordable and purely effective. 

#Enthusiasm: Imagine someone coming to you and asking for something really exciting but with zero energy. Would you Signup for that? 

No. obviously! Why would you show interest in something when the informer only seems to be uninterested. In the same way, in order to approach the girl and impress her, you have to keep your enthusiastic shade alive in front of her. 

To do that, you need to stay active not just in front of her but in your social life, that is with your friends and mates. That will just create a habit for you which will be beneficial. 

So now when you approach her, be enthusiastic enough to talk to her and make her feel comfortable around yourself. 

#Stay Casual: When you approach her, you have to make sure that you are not talking to her too formally. Stay casual. Make her feel that she is your old friend and that you know her well or want to know her well. 

Don’t be shy and don’t play a questionanswer round with her. Flirt with her. Make her know that you like her and that you’re a good guy to talk to. 

#Entertaining: Everyone knows that how much girl gets attracted to the guys who are entertaining. 

Now entertaining doesn’t mean that you have to be idiotic or too extra around her. No! Every person has a natural sense of humor, you need to use that.  

Entertaining doesn’t also mean that you have to be humorous around her all the time. No! You can entertain her through your skills or talents. Maybe you’re good at dancing or singing or acting or art or any other skill. Use that efficiently and see the results. 

Showcasing your skills will improve your chances to be with her as girls are so fond of guys who have some talent or passion for something. You can use it as a weapon to impress her. 

#The Side Approach: Make sure that you’re approaching her from sideways and not from the front. 

Going towards her and stopping her from the front might intimidate her as that’s what attackers do so she might not like your interruption.  

Therefore make sure that you don’t surprise her at all. You may talk politely and show that you like her as well as respect her. 

These were the most effective approach styles that you should follow when you approach her. 

Let’s look at some of the other ways too which are easy to execute and will give amazing results when you’ll approach her. 

#Notice her body language first: Before approaching, you need to always make sure that she’s in a good mood. Never approach her when she seems to be upset or stressed. Talking to a stranger must be the last thing she would want to do if she’s having a bad day. 

You can get the hint of her mood through her body language. 

Her body language can also help you out in noticing the types of signals she’s sending to you. Notice whether she’s noticing you or not. It will give you an idea of the perfect time to approach her. 

#Eye Contact: It’s the main thing while you talk to a girl. Maintaining eye contact tells a lot about your personality. It shows your confidence and adds credibility to your feelings. 

Remember do not keep staring at her all the time. This will creep her out. Just keep it normal. 

#Your body language: It’s too necessary to take care of how you’re presenting yourself while approaching her. 

The way you’re standing in front of her, the way you’re talking, and the way you’re expressing yourself, everything counts in. So take care of your body language especially. 

#Always Plan: You need to plan what you’re going to say to her. You just can’t randomly appear in front of her and think what you should say. 

You need to plan how you’re going to introduce yourself, what else you’re going to say to her so that she doesn’t get offended.  

Plan out things like, where to approach, what to talk about, how to introduce, how long should you talk, and likewise. 

#Be Polite: No matter whether you’re a complete stranger to her or If she has noticed you before or knows you somehow, you have to make sure that you’re talking to her politely and reasonably presenting yourself. 

Don’t say anything that may ruin your chance with her 

#Show your worth: You have to make perfect impression in a short time. So make sure that you let her know that you’re not just a random stranger but someone who is worth her time. 

Do this through your communication. Show that you’re interested but don’t keep on repeating the same thing.  

#Give her time: Give her time to analyze things. Don’t rush. Make small but worthy appearances. Let the fact that, you’re a stranger to her but making great efforts to approach and impress her, sink in. 

Rushing into things and expecting good signals from her end is something that won’t happen. So be patient. 

Final thoughts 

Since now you’ve learned some amazing approach styles and tips to follow when you approach her, so go! What are you waiting for? 

Tell her what you feel before someone else does. 

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