5 Red Flags She Is Not The Right Woman For You

Always feeling unappreciated for what you have done?

Always being blamed for problems in the relationship?

Check out the 5 Red Flags She is Not the Right Woman For You, Man.

Hey man, you get advice generally how you to behave with the women. This happens because we men generally pursue a woman. If she shows interest in us, we ignore most dangerous red signs she displays often due to the fact that she makes us feel wanted or we pay attention purely to her physical beauty. If you ignore these red flags probably in the future you need to struggle, have to go through mental trauma. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, be honest here and pay attention to these 5 deadly hidden warning signs that will tell you that she is not the right woman.

1.She Does Not Understand Anything & Argues Way Too Much:

I don’t think you need much explanation here. Whatever you do in your relationship whether big or small she doesn’t appreciate you for things you have done. If you are a type of man who constantly makes her feel special with your little things, it is also equally important that she should have recognized and appreciated your efforts. Instead of getting recognition and appreciation for efforts you make, if she brings negativity to your life she is not the one

2.Nothing Is Ever Her Fault:

If she is trying to put the blame on others, especially on you for her actions, circumstances, and conditions without taking it is a clear sign that she is not for you. Anyone who’s does not take responsibility for their own actions and not willing to learn from the experiences or failures, they will see things in different way, which has they put others accountable for their actions. So, they neither can improve the situations and circumstances they are living in, nor let you improve. In other words, they are going to make those relationships worse and your life a hell.

3.She Keeps You On A Really Tight Lead:

A woman who cares about you and your life truly will be willing to see the things the way you look at and want you to do the things which you would like to do. As she knows that all those things make you happy and that will ultimately improve the relationship and quality of your lives. She never wants you to comprise on your interests, hobbies and goals and aspirations in your life.

Nothing is ever her fault

It is understood that when we are in a relationship we need to make some adjustments to the time you spend on these activities but you cannot sacrifices for the sake of her. If she expects you have to sacrifices, she is not the one. You also have to understand the relationship is a part of your life and you have to be on your purpose and path and lead your life. If the woman is giving you a hard time living your individual life, she may be too possessive for her own good. She is not the one.

4.You Are The Only Person She Is Being Nice:

When you hang out with her pay attention and observe how she treats and behaves with other people who work there. I said this before several times about men. A man who behaves nice with one person and is not nice to all other people is not a nice man by his nature. He is just trying to be nice with that person to pursue something and the same is true with the women.

5.Your Visions For The Future Are Nowhere Close:

If you want to enter into a long-term relationship with anyone you both must have a general understanding of what each one of you wants for your future. Of course, there will always room some compromises in the life but there should not significant differences in your future wishes and aspirations. Example: she wants to live in America and you want to live in India. This probably will be a source of future conflicts. In other words, each of your core values and goals in life should be close enough to be a family. If not, she is not for you.