red flags before you commit

Hey man, generally a lot is being talked about how to avoid bad men. But I think very little advice available to avoid all those women out there to exploit men for money. These women are only interested in your bank balance than in your heart. If you blindly choose them based on their external appearance you end up in emotional turmoil or heartbroken. So, Is she using you? Check out the five Red Flags Before You Commit

I hope you neither want to be used nor want your heart to be broken. To avoid these situations in the future, it is better you observe all those telltale signs from the beginning. If you observe with your eyes and mind open you understand them clearly. To do that, just put your male pride aside and avoid such women no matter how beautiful they may look.

If you observe these red flags before you commit with your girl, you must think again your commitment to her. My advice is it is better to look for other options.

She Is More Interested In Your Bank Than Your Thoughts:

If she is more interested in your money and status than your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations for the future she is a materialistic person. She rather values your materials (money and position) than your character (thoughts, ideas, and aspirations). For instance, all she is interested is in your expensive car or clothes or she seems in unimpressed with your modest car.

Those are who into “only things are matter in life” are materialistic and will not be interested in psychological nurturing. In that case, they will not grow emotionally which means only knows to control others or make unnecessary drama.

She Always Expects You To Pay For All:

Paying for her all the time is okay and fair as long as she is more modest and you are wealthy and have higher financial status. Also, she respects and contributes emotionally to your mutual engagement and future together.

However, when it is her turn to do something for the both of you, it does not have to be expensive. Example: she shall treat you with respect, love and do small expenditure that she can afford may it be a movie or cup of coffee sometimes.

If she treats you like a sugar daddy now, don’t expect that she will change in the future. That will never change in future even if your financial status decrease or you lost your job, she still expects you to pay.

She always expects you to pay all

She Expects Only Fancy Places Please:

She made it clear that she expects you to take her to only fancy places on your first date. Generally, we men prefer to take a woman to fancy places on the first dates irrespective of the woman expect it or not. But if she is too particular about it, you will need to think of it.

It is ideal to choose the places where you both can relax and interact with each other. There is absolutely no need to go to fancy or expensive dinner on your first date. She should not even expect that from you either. Since both of you are in “getting to know each other stage”. So, better you should choose a place simpler but comfortable and peaceful.

If she is more focused on the fancy place than meeting you and expects you must take to one such place she’s a gold-digger. I don’t think you need a gold digger. Hence, it is better to avoid this type of woman as she is more focused on using you for her own benefits than understanding you as an individual.

She Is More Interested In Her Than You:

All she seems to be interested in about her looks, clothes and makeup and other expensive things than knowing about you and your interests. If you observe that she has an empty space or she is thinking of something when you try to the right interact and connect with her. It is a clear sign that she is either unwilling or incapable of connecting with you.

She Is Flirting With Other Guys The Moment You Look Away:

If she can’t help flirting with other guys now, what is going to happen in the future especially when the things fade out a little?

She may not be interested in you; she will simply choose other guy and move on. Generally, when you are in a relationship if you develop differences, things will settle down within a time. If she can’t wait, she not obviously the one with whom you should expect a long-term relationship. So it is better you avoid now. To become good with women learn to lead your love.