How to avoid friend zone and make her want you

Hey, Man had you ever been in a situation like, you met a special woman you want to start a romantic relationship but the very moment you try to ask her on a date or try to express your interest in her, she said that she is not feeling any attraction for you, let’s just be friends.

At all cost, you wish to avoid this horrible and dreadful situation. Is not it?

It is one of most embarrassing situation you can face as a man since she is the beautiful lady you are hanging out sometimes. However, when you are about to start an actual romantic relationship, she says something like oh “I just want to be friends with you “or even worse “I think of you as a brother, not a boyfriend”.

The pain of being rejected in this way is much worse. Because you feel emotional pain in the brain as if someone is poking you with a sharp needle on your skin. Generally, this type of situation would be faced by the men who are not aware of how attraction works with women.

Here are the 3 tips that help you to avoid friend zone with the woman you like.

1.Be Attractive And Challenging Than Being Nice And Cooperative:

One of the most important things you must do to avoid the friend zone of a woman you like is to make sure that you keep challenging her during the conversation. Generally, most guys are very nice and cooperative. As a result, she will not feel any challenge or attraction for them. If you behave like them, she will put you in her friend zone.

If you agree with whatever she says or does, she will keep you in the friend zone. Women feel attracted to men who are leaders and stand out from the crowd. Women, in general, get attracted to men whom they do not have in their life, but not the ones whom they can get easily.

So, you have to flirt a woman during the conversation and sometimes fun teases her.  This will make her interested in you and makes you stand out of the group. Agreeing and cooperating with whatever she says, not challenging her, not cracking jokes at her seems nice. However, make it nearly impossible for you to avoid the friend zone.

Keep some distance

2.Keep Some Distance:

In general, most guys babysit with her and pay way too much attention when they get a desirable woman. They try to shower her with all the gifts and presents.

Unfortunately, this mainstream approach makes no scope for her to chase you. Because she consciously and unconsciously knows that you had already been surrendered to her. Then, she will disregard you as a man and go to the other guy who is hard to get.

 “Being hard to get is a key component in attracting opposite sex”.

So, do not pamper her with your attention, do not shower her with gifts.

Play hard enough so that she will chase you.

3.Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket:

I hope you know what that means. Do not keep your hopes on a single woman. After all, there is no commitment from her as you are currently just friends. Going forward, start meeting other women you are interested in and also the woman you would like to make your girlfriend. Start interacting with other women in front her either in person or over the phone. This makes her think that you have other options and women do like you romantically. This will also create a competition and can cause a bit of jealousy if she has a hidden interest in you.

Make yourself scarce to her because you’re too busy to see her.

Longing always directs its attention towards what is missing and something in short supply”

If you project yourself as a man who is scarcely available and someone who understand attraction and women well, she will feel a strong emotional compulsion that she could lose you for other women.

  • If she tells you and that you are not giving enough time and eager to get your time and attention, you are on the right track.
  • It any woman behaves indifferent, there is only one answer, walk and stay away from her but do not end up in the friend zone.