Reasons why women give you fake numbers

Hey, you know what! the last thing any guy wants is becoming a member of “The Girls Fake Numbers Club”. In this article, I am going to tell you the 3 reasons why girls give fake numbers and how you can avoid being a member of this terrible club.

Many guys approach a girl they see at a coffee shop, pub, local hangouts or even on the street. They approach her confidently and have a good conversation.

If you are one of them, your objective now is simply to get her phone number. Let us assume that you have asked and got her phone number. Great job! And you waited enough time and called her.

You got a reply: the number you are trying to reach is no longer exist,  the number you are trying to reach is not reachable, the number you are trying to reach is switched off, or sometimes your dial takes you to a wrong destination.

You got a fake number.
This sounds familiar!
Oh! You became a member of “The Girls Fake Number Club”.

Don’t worry you are not alone. I had been there when I started learning the game.

The primary reason for this is not knowing how to talk to a girl in a way that triggers her interest. Guys in their urge to get a girl’s phone number, ignore this most important aspect of connecting with her in a way that sparks interest in her.

Most guys who complain about getting fake numbers do know how to have a real conversation with a girl. Because many dating coaches misled these guys that getting a girls phone number is a big deal and that is all they have to focus.

When these guys get a phone number from a girl, they even fantasize her as their girlfriend. They call her very excitingly but unfortunately, she doesn’t answer their phone at all. And then they try several more times but still no answer.

They keep on repeating this for a week or two, sometimes more than that. Finally, they give up in confusion and blaming themselves and the girl.  Don’t blame either you or the girl; nothing is there to be confused.

You only have been taught fundamentals wrong. There are 3 Reasons Why Girls Give You Fake Numbers:

1. You did not spark any interest:

You did not spark any interest during your talk. Perhaps, you did not give her any clues that you are an interesting guy to hang out.

If she did not find anything interesting during your talk,  she does not want to hear from you. She came to conclusion uh! I had it and I don’t want to know about this guy anymore. Perhaps, you probably did not observe her rejection signals during the talk.

You cannot measure a girls interest by getting her phone number. Practically speaking, a girl gives you her phone number to you when she has some interest in you except the case that we are going talk in the next point.

3 Reasons Why Girls Give Fake Numbers? 2

2. She Gave Her Number Just To GET RID OF You:

Many guys wonder why a girl give them the fake phone number when she does not have an interest in them. Here is the deal. Most men misunderstood the concept of getting girls phone numbers. Thus they focus more to get girls phone number rather than with her.

If you only collect a girl’s phone number without connecting with her, she gives you a fake number or an original number but doesn’t answer your calls.

You faced this situation since you have just collected her number but did not connect with her during the conversation.

She gave you a fake number just to get rid of you from there. Perhaps, she does not want to embarrass you in the public.

One Popular misbelief:

There is a popular belief that a girl does not give her phone number unless she likes you. Contrary to this belief, many girls will give their numbers to just to get rid of you.

If a girl gives you her correct phone number still does not answer your calls. Perhaps, she fears that you might call before her and complain. Most girls fear to get into a direct confrontation with a guy.

They choose this less confrontational path like this instead of telling straightaway that they are not interested in you. They give you their phone number but don’t answer when you call or sometimes give you fake number to avoid embarrassment in that situation.

Sometimes, you might have really a good talk the girl seemed really interested in you. But demons have changed her.

3. Demons Have Changed Her Mind:

Sometimes, this inevitable thing happens. You might have a great conversation with a girl. Perhaps, she even began liking at that time. At that moment, she even gave you her number as if she was attracted to you.

But she does not answer your phone calls. This usually happens when a girl’s mind is affected by her environment. Her demons (inner voice, friends, the environment etc.) come in and affect her thinking.

Perhaps, she started avoiding you based on her post encounter analysis. In that analysis, she might that you are not the right fit for her. It could be due to something that you have said during the conversation that is against her fundamental beliefs.


I hope this info is useful to you.

As a guy who chose the path of self-development, do not dishearten with these silly failures. In fact, there is no failure in life. Every successful attempt is a lesson irrespective of the result. You are a brave man. You have tried your best.

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