What is the one thing that can change your love life forever? It is the art of approaching beautiful girls. Most men get frustrated with the very thought of approaching girls they desire. Today, I am going to teach how to approach beautiful girls without you come across as creepy.

Most guys are not good at approaching girls because they never make an attempt approach.

The act of approaching girls creates such psychological pressure that we try to avoid all possible ways. Make excuses like she probably has a boyfriend or she is not my type or she looks rude, on and on.

The fact is most guys get approach anxiety when having the very thought of approaching a girl and talking to her.

As the mere thought of approaching a girl, they do not know, evokes such psychological fears in them. They feel emotions like embarrassment, getting rejected, and physical harm because they do not know what to say and what to expect.

So, approaching girls seem like a tough task for them. If you want to get a girlfriend fast, more dates with your girls you always wanted, you have to learn approaching girls.

Approaching girls is one of the vital steps to get a girlfriend and lead your love life. It is the first important step in my three-step ACT method.

Fair enough! If you are not comfortable approaching girls or seems like an impossible task, I want to remind you that you are not alone.

Most men feel the same way. I had been there too.

But, after spending years and learning, I discovered how to approach beautiful girls to get results. If I could learn how to approach beautiful girls and get dates, the mere fact is that you can do it.

Keeping that in mind, let us understand some of the most important things before you even approach girls.

Right Body Language:

You need to understand is when you approach a woman for the first time, she will form an instant opinion of you within a few seconds of your interaction with her. So, your body language is the factor of how she is going to decide on you. It makes much difference than the actual words you use.

If you make a wrong impression, she will likely to be disinterested. And signaling that she lacks interest in you by giving one-word answers like, no, looking here and there, or even ignores you. So how can you overcome this problem, how can you make sure that your first impression is the best for her?

Your body language should communicate that you are a confident, secure guy. Your body should project good body posture like Stand Strait, relaxed shoulders, and walk slowly and comfortably as if you take up your own space. You must present a positive body language that communicates that you are a confident, secure, and successful man.

I don’t mean confident as threatening and intimidating like a stalker or predator.

Voice Tone:

Start a conversation with a conversation of stone. What I observed is most men, the mistake of speaking with girls they try to sound source more like cheesy, more importantly, sexy, which doesn’t work unless it is your natural voice tone. Instead, just be in a standard clear voice like to speak in day-to-day conversation.

Make sure you practice your friends and other guys. You have to remember one thing when you factor is flooding with the girls. It has to flow naturally sounding sexy is a natural outcome of being a confident and good connection with a woman. If you try to fake, it is sure to 6 to visit the results in doing stand rejection so.

Keep Conversation Short:

Most of the time, you might have got advice like that you have to prolong the conversation with girls after you initiate.  It is a myth that you should keep talking to girls for as long as possible. The only exception to this rule should be only if you both are interested in taking things further to the end of the conversation. In most cases, it is better to keep things short, pleasant, and straightforward.

Understand There Are No Rejections In Life, Only Lessons:

You have to understand one thing. That when it comes to approaching girls, not every approach you make is going to be successful. Unless you are a Brad Pitt who has been pre-selected and pre-approved by the girls already.  If you find yourself in the times that interaction is not going anywhere.

Do not waste time there, and just move on. And if you find any woman who is impolite you. Don’t need to interact with her like you are going for a peace agreement.  Simply say goodbye and move on and talk to the other pretty woman who got manners.

If any woman rejects you, it is not a big deal. There is nothing to be afraid of it. She is not rejecting you; she is rejecting your subconscious behavior that is not appealing. In other words, she is giving feedback that your body language is not comfortable for her. And she is providing feedback that you are not appealing to her.

I can tell you no system in the world can teach you 100% success with all girls.  As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t get the kind of the results you are expecting from girls, you need to assess the situation and have to learn the lessons from the mistakes you have committed.

Make sure you project the right body language.

In case you do not get the response the way you expect it, assess how you had projected your body language is like:

Do you completely relaxed?

Were you comfortable, or were you nervous?

Did you use opener confidently?

How did you exactly feel while walking towards her and talking to her?

So, how can you do this, the only way to do become good at this is by making more approaches. After each approach, review your actions and correct the mistakes you made.

If you are not good at approaching girls, every time you go out, approach five girls before you go home. But don’t ever be the guy who did not take any action.