Have you ever feared that you end up spoiling your career if you love in your college days? Are you worried about love or a career?

Many single guys somehow fear to love in their college days. Because they think it will spoil their career”.

Society constantly feeds us with this common misconception.

If you love a girl in your college days, you will surely fail in your career. So, focus only on your career. Society makes you think that if you succeed in your career, you will succeed in your love life.

Society does not tell you that succeeding in your career doesn’t guarantee you happy love life or your dream girl automatically.

Here is what happens then:

Suppose you got a good job in one of your dream companies.

To get succeed in that job, you will have to do many things! Sometimes you have to work hard to impress your boss! Sometimes you have to work hard to get promoted! Sometimes you have to work hard to get the bonus! Sometimes you have to work hard to meet the project deadline!

In your college days, you spent most of your time on studies to get a good job. Now in your job, you have to spend most of your time working to succeed in your career.

You will get more of what you do daily. Work. Sometimes you don’t even have time to think about love! Your company expects you to do many things simultaneously, and the fancy name is multi-tasking!

Perhaps you will wait for months and years to find your dream girl. If you are lucky enough, you might find one.

Then the worst thing that you will realize:

“if you do not know how to attract a girl, your damn fucking career is not going to help you.”


If you study well, you will become a good student.

If you work hard, you will become a good employee.

How the fuck in the world will you ever become good at attracting girls?

If you want to learn the dance, do you go to a dance class or a driving class?

Dance class!

What do you say about the guy who goes to the driving class to learn dancing?


Yep, this is what exactly you are doing when you follow the good old societal advice.

Becoming successful in your career does not guarantee your success with girls automatically. Because attracting girls is a different skill set.

If you become successful in your career, you can become a provider to a girl, which has less appeal to many girls as they can provide for themselves. If you want to attract and keep her, you have to become her lover. But you will never become her lover/boyfriend if you choose the traditional path. Career first; love next.

If you study well, you get good marks. Likewise, if you work hard, you will succeed in your career. The same goes for girls. If you know how to lead your love, girls love you.

Then you will realize that to attract girls; you will either have to learn how to attract girls or settle with whomever you got. Not a good idea! Yet millions of single guys live with this mindset.


My point is, why the hell in the world you have to sacrifice your love for a career or your career for love.

Why can’t you manage both?

You will have to do many damn things at the same time to become successful in your career.

Why can’t you start managing both love and career from your college days?


Who did tell you to spend 24 hours only thinking about girls or love? Who did tell you not to focus on your studies or career? Perhaps, you got this stupid idea from society.

I am not against neither hard work nor a successful career. But against this dumb idea of Career first; love next.

 Learn to lead your love; you will lead your career as well. Starting today, spend some time for your career and spend some time for your love. Do not neglect one for another. You better learn multi-tasking from your college days.

Remember! Time is precious. Time once lost cannot be regained. It is good to manage your love and career from your college days. Because negligence in one part can have serious repercussions. And the victim is you, not the society.

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